The 200 Question Unisex, Omnisexual Purity Test


A Rice Purity Test attempts to judge how"pure" you're within some domain of expertise by having you answer a list of questions concerning which behaves, etc. associated with the topic you have engaged in. Generally, for each"yes" response you eliminate a purity stage. The end result is scaled to tell you exactly what percentage of purity you still retain.


History of Rice Purity Test have been around for ages, initially taking the kind of written lists of questions. With the dawn of the Net, it became popular to disperse them by electronic means. Some have been altered to be programs or shell scripts which would ask you every query then, and also do the calculations for you once you're finished. Back in 1989, Eric Lechner wrote a program that will do the same thing using information documents which described different purity tests. He converted various purity tests for this format and created the

Checkbox Purity Tests

"Omnisexual" marks tests that appear to have been supposed by their authors to become independent of sexual orientation.

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