Acid Reflux Pillow, Does It Really Work?


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There is just one thing that comes to your mind after having a lavish dinner of loaded pasta with cheese, spicy tomato sauce, and sausages with loads of wine - long uninterrupted sleep. However, what goes around comes around, and in this case, it is the Acid reflux. We all have been there when we stuffed ourselves with spicy food along with alcohol, ignoring the consequences that it would result in - heartburn and extreme discomfort the entire night.


Acid reflux is not only the reason that can mess up your sleep, it’s also an extremely uncomfortable condition. There are various reasons that acidity can occur, but the main reason is due to our eating habits. There are people with weak digestion that are more likely to have heartburn, but it can happen to anyone depending upon the things we have eaten. 

You spent your whole night tossing, trying to ease that discomfort, finding remedies but no avail. What happens then? The next day you are just tired, sleepy, upset, and definitely not the best version of yourself.


The good news is that acid reflux can be prevented. What if we tell you that there is an acid reflux pillow that is specially designed to heal the acidity symptoms, letting you sleep comfortably the entire night? Let’s look at it in more detail!


Cause of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is very common among adults, almost every other adult experience acidity, and therefore, we should work on preventing it rather than just stuffing up with medications.


The diaphragm helps in keeping the acid in the stomach, and when it goes up towards the esophagus, acid reflux occurs. 


Factors that can cause acidity are as follows:


 • Excessive eating

 • Spicy or fat-induced food

 • Eating before going to bed

 • Smoking

 • Wearing uncomfortable or tight clothes

 • Pregnancy

 • Medications


Wedge Pillow, Does It Really Work?

There are quite a few medications and treatments that you could consider to treat acid reflux. However, we do recommend you to consider this easy and quick option that won’t fail and will give you the relief that you were yearning for. Wedge pillows elevate your upper body and prevent the acid in your stomach to go up towards the esophagus, providing the natural solution to treat acid reflux. While you can stack up a few regular pillows to create a wedge, it can create pressure on your neck and spine. That is exactly why you should consider using wedge pillows - they are best for lifting up your body without straining your neck and shoulder.


The shape of these pillows is like a slope, and they are a bit firmer than normal pillows to provide support to acid reflux sufferers, expectant mothers, or people who snore. Wedge pillows are affordable, easy to find, risk-free, and will not create any side effects compared to medicines.


Wedge pillows are best for people who are back sleepers, while stomach or side sleepers may find them uncomfortable. However, there are some brands that have created wedge pillows with soft foam layers to let all types of sleepers use these pillows comfortably.


Using an Acid Reflux Pillow

Acid reflux is one of the major reason for a disrupt sleep. The discomfort and heartburn can keep you up all night, and lead to tiredness and fatigue the next day. Studies have found that elevation is the best way to battle acid reflux during the night - keeping your upper body elevated can prevent the stomach acid from coming towards the throat.


People with heartburn that sleep on their back are at risk to worsen the effect of acidity because laying down flat can make acid go upwards. 

However, when purchasing a wedge pillow, you should remember that your upper body should not be higher than 8 inches. The higher wedges can increase the risk of a stiff neck.


If you are one of those suffering from acid reflux and the difficulty sleeping because of this condition - a wedge pillow is for you. Acid reflux can be easily managed by making some changes in your lifestyle and a proper wedge pillow to sleep comfortably every night.