Remington need little introduction, as they have been one of the Big 4 at the forefront of hair trimming for many decades now. Their electric shavers and trimmers always rank well in reviews, trade publications and online.

The Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer is a low-end trimmer that is affordable for everyone with a beard!

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this little item in terms of design, features and what other users are saying.

Appearance and Accessories

The MB-200 device is a compact item, colored black and gray, slightly more elongated than a typical electric shaver and with an easy-to-grip handle.

Along with the trimming unit itself

You need to clean this unit manually by lifting the shaver head and removing stray hair from the motor area.


The Remington MB-200 retails for around $30 but is often available online now for around $15, so this represents a great bargain if you can get it.

User Reviews

Most of the customers we have read about who have used this trimmer speak very highly of it, commenting on its quality feel – none of the flimsiness associated with some of the trimmers you can get.

It seems to do its job very well and customers back up the claims of the comfort of the trim and lack of annoying tugs to hairs, as well as the “no need for lubrication” promise that Remington make.

Others commented positively on the easy-to-operate height adjustment mechanism and flexibility of the unit and that it was easy to clean. Being cordless was also seen as a major plus.

The only negatives we can find with the MB-200 is that there is no charging stand, so when you recharge it, the device needs a bench or sink-edge to sit on.

Others mentioned the short battery life and the fact that they are soldered into the device, so that when they do run out the entire device needs to be replaced – but this seems to be the case with all of these types of units and it can be somewhat alleviated by making sure you run the battery right down before recharging it, as suggested.

The minor irritations that people voiced were more about the side-features of the model rather than its main job of effectively trimming beards and mustaches, which it seems to do extremely well, so overall this item represents very good value for money and comes highly recommended.