Ultimate Watch for Camping and Outdoor Survival

Tyree Denham

Camping is a great way to give temporary disconnection from the toxic and stressful urban life in general and reconnect with nature and people. Who doesn’t like camping as a recreation? Well, you’re out the comfort of your cozy bed and you’re basically putting yourself in display for small insects like mosquitoes to bite on but camping is fun for the most parts. Camping is an opportunity to learn and practice new skills that will surely come in handy in emergency situations. Here are a few camping tips that will help you survive in the wilderness.


Sort things before heading out

Organize your gear properly to avoid leaving things behind. It is advisable to closely pack things that usually go together, for example your sleeping bag goes together with the pillow and the tent, and the extra batteries go together with the lamp and flashlights, and so on.  So when you go looking for things, it’s easier to locate them.

Carry tools or devices that are multipurpose

Multipurpose tools like Swiss knives can provide a great advantage outdoors. It can be used to prepare food, to make hunting weapons, to prepare firewood and so on. Another great example of a multipurpose device available on the market is the 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Watches which holds a paracord, fire starters, a compass, and all other features in one. It may be the best survival watch for people who love to explore the great outdoors. You don’t need to carry a lot of items when you can carry it all in one.

Making Fire

What is an outdoor camping without a good old campfire? By now, everyone should be able to tell the rule of thumb in making campfires. The tinder can be from dead twigs that are no thicker than your pinky and no shorter than the hour hand when stretched out.  The kindling can also be from dead branches not thicker than your thumb and about as long your fingertip to your elbow. The fuel should be as thick your wrist and as long as your arm. Carefully add the kindling to the burning tinder until it can burn the fuel. There are methods to start fire from scratch, but it’s more convenient to just bring lighter or a flint and scraper which are embedded on the locks of most tactical survival watches.

Don’t forget to bring ropes

Ropes are very useful in camping and in wilderness survival. It can be used as a fishing line to catch fish, or used as a tourniquet for stopping serious bleeding, or for repairing or tying down things around the camp. A tactical survival watch replaces the normal watch strap with paracord which, when unravelled, can extend up to 3 meters. You’ll be thankful for carrying these around.

Be aware of your surrounding

It’s not uncommon to get lost while looking for firewood or food. When going to unfamiliar and unpopulated places, a compass can make huge difference. But sometimes it’s better to not risk getting lost deeper into the wild. Stay calm and stay put. Wait until help arrives or alert others by blowing on a whistle sharply. A tactical survival watch has a compass and whistle with it which are great for emergency situations like this.

These are just some of the most essential tips to remember when going on an outdoor adventure. With a multipurpose watch in hand, get some of the most important outdoor tools within arm’s reach.

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