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At our think tank we often look at the future and the ramifications. Our company is about to change the normal development of our species, rendering it better for the world we live, our technologically advanced work and all the worlds we may reside in the future - off world civilizations in area, other planets and moons. It's inevitable, but is it directly to do? Let's talk.

One fellow thinker wrote a note to me about this topic and states; "I understand your views on humans and our frailty and some weakness when i ponder the question of are we ready to determine direction in areas such as improving our IQ, Robotic work forces, Utopian values, medical advancement to the point of eliminating "dysfunctional" genes or any type of altering of our genetic makeup, and so on... "

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Good take into account ponder indeed and Noocube Customer Reviews We guess the real problem in all of this is that adversity develops character, and the human mind and will can overcome all, those who fight on against the odds have the most character. I assume the movie Gatica best demonstrates point. I've never been defeated by anyone who failed to have a huge benefit, nor anyone equal to me. But I've crushed most all of them. Why? You don't have to be better - Will - Strength of Character are so much higher.

We should be teaching will of the mind, strength of figure, wisdom, reasoning, thinking, creativeness. Those would be the great equalizers. IQ is merely ONE part, don't get me incorrect it's one of the very important, but I'd trade it for Will, basically got to choose, thankfully, I actually don't. Perfection is over rated. I don't want ever tree of every species to look the same, all the branches coming out in the same place, just like a giant Mathematica Fractal. I don't want all people to appear the same, the uniqueness, should be celebrated, but with all that said higher IQ would be an benefit, even if there will always be weak people.

My fellow thinker also discusses another challenge, that of know-it-all technocrats who is just not admit that prediction and decision making in complex chaotic systems usually finishes in disaster and this individual states; "
I question a world society in making decisions such as these while we still are strife with war, slavery, discrimination, my way or the highway mentality, and so on... "

To that I would reply; good and you should because Freedom and Liberty and choice are the best way to perform human society. Despite, exactly what is told by those who feel that elite right to choose for everyone more. Adam Smith would acknowledge. If a World Modern society agrees to freedom and liberty that would enhance the lives of billions of humans - great, however, somehow, I don't see that playing out very well, considering those who would be running things would have absolute power, we really know what happens next.