Weight Loss Pills - Are They Worth Taking?


Losing weight easily and fast can be appealing to many people. And this is what weight loss pills are said to do: allowing people to lose weight easily and fast. But what do people really know about weight loss supplements? Weight loss pills started in the 1955s and 1960s as speed derivatives. But because the supplements were addictive, doctors chose to stop prescribing the drugs for weight loss. Nevertheless in the 1973, the Food and Drug Management or FDA approved a new drug called Pondimin for weight loss. It had been later replaced by Redux in 1996. Some doctors also approved phentermine with fenfluramine as a medication for losing weight and this is known as a fen-phen. Phentermine was also combined with dexfenfluramine.

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Serotonin levels in the brain can be increased with this drug. This is associated with increased mood, appetite and satiety. With fen-phen, it has a double action, which tricks the mind into thinking that the stomach is full and increased a person's metabolic rate. Though a lot of people were able to lose weight Buy Phenq in Australia with this drug, but in 1997, many users noted of heart valve disease. Thus, the drugs were again withdrawn from the market and prescriptions were ceased. But at present, there are new weight reducing pills being prescribed and developed or waiting for FDA approval.

Diet pills are available as over the counter or OTC drug. This drug is usually a mixture of medications like phenylpropanolamine and caffeine, which works to control appetite. These agents are main nerves stimulant and have many effects on the body. One of the results of these two agents can cause a loss in urge for food. Caffeine can also business lead to increased alertness and decreased drowsiness and exhaustion when taken in low doses. It also has some weak appetite suppressant properties. But is this type of drug effective or safe?

Diet pills can have a great impact on a person's bloodstream pressure, as well as general health. It is not a fairly easy approach to easy or fast weight loss. Though these drugs can help people lose weight however they can also have side outcomes. One is that it can produce drug dependency and can interfere with other medications. You can also get researches that show phenylpropanolamine has only minimal effect on the brain to depress appetite. And it actually produces more severe side effects like hypertension, nausea, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, irritability and hallucinations. The other active agent of pills for losing weight, coffee, also has serious outcomes to the circulatory perform of the body. It also has unpredictable effect on hypotension.

These drugs are especially suitable for obesity control. Thus for individuals that are obese, the good thing about this drug to help them lose weight can outweigh the side effects that it can cause. Weight loss pills are recommended for short-term diet for people who may have severe overweight problems.

This kind of drug is only effective when it is part of a thorough weight management program of diet, exercise and weight damage support. It is only effective each time a person is eating a healthy diet plan and is doing exercise.