Weight Loss and Side Effects of CLA


Does Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) have any bad side effects? Does it work for weight loss? CLA has been sold for many years as a fat loss supplement based on the weight loss and body composition (i. e. losing weight and gaining muscle) changes seen in studies using mice and rats. Will is work in humans? More recently research in humans has shown it can be used to increase fat loss. In this post we'll look at some of the great things about CLA as well as some of the potential aspect effects. In addition to weight loss studies there have been (and are currently) many studies looking at the effects of this fatty acid on decreasing inflammation, fighting cancer, and in the treatment of other conditions.

Ever since 2007, there has recently been a rise in use of CLA as a fat burner. This is due to the release of a meta-analysis (basically overview of several scientific studies) published in the May 2007 issue of the American Diary of Clinical Nutrition which concluded that 3. 2g/d of CLA can stimulate moderate weight loss in humans. CLA is an attractive weight loss supplement and many people use conjugated linoleic acid as part of a fat loss supplement stack (i. e. a team of compounds and herbs that to increase effects) because unlike many other weight loss supplements it is not a stimulant and you don't suffer the nasty side associated with getting the jitters, increased heart rate, or worse - increased blood pressure. This is especially as there are not many effective options for non-stimulant fat burners on the market.

CLA for weight loss

Let's now look at two more studies What is CLA that involve people taking supplemental CLA. The initial study was again published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The researchers found that when people supplemented with 3. 2 g/d of CLA (this is generally the recommended dose for weight loss purposes) they burned more excess fat and more specifically they burned more fat when they slept!

This is correct.

Not only did the subject matter that took CLA burned more fat when they slept, the fat they burned had not been fat they had recently eaten; it was actually stored excess fat that they were burning. This study gets even better since the researchers reported that the individuals that took CLA had lowered urinary protein losses. Within other words the CLA group had improved proteins retention when they rested. These are generally really interesting findings. If I owned a supplement company that sold large dosages of CLA - my new subject would be "CLA - Scientifically Proven to Burn up More Body Fat and Build Muscle even while you sleep. "

So CLA can work for weight loss but are there any side outcomes? Again in 2007, another study was published that looked at the effects of CLA on weight loss, this time in obese people. In this study, the participants were given CLA dosages of 0, 3. 2, or 6. 4 grams/day. At the end of the research the group that received the 6. 4 g/d of CLA experienced a substantial increase in a compound called C - reactive protein or CRP for short. C - reactive protein is a protein that is released from your liver. It is commonly used in the medical field as an over-all marker of the stage of inflammation in your body - higher CRP means more inflammation.

During your stay on island was an increase in CRP, it was truly not clinically significant as CRP levels remained below what is considered normal (Normal CRP levels are 3mg/dL). It is also important to see realize that the people in the study that had increased CRP because of this of taking a CLA supplement were taking 2x the 'recommended' dose for weight damage and also that folks that obese normally have higher CRP levels (this might have come into play here as well). The party that only took 3. 2 grams per day performed not have any increase in their CRP levels.
Based on the findings in the studies that I've mentioned above and the review of studies from article in the Us Journal of Clinical Nutrition is seems that 3. 2 g/d of CLA can be safely used to boost weight loss.

The next question that you should ask is...

What do you do with these findings? At this time not a whole lot... CLA is a nice add-on to an ugly damage program but "add-on" is the key word. CLA is exquisite for nutrient stacking as combing these effects with a supplement like green tea extract (which has also been shown to boost weight loss), increased non-exercise physical activity, and multiple meals during the day will surely boost your weight loss. If you aren't spot on with your diet, training with weights 3x per week, and doing 3 interval sessions per week then don't waste materials your time with CLA and concentrate on the more important things.