Maths as students weakness


There are a large number of students today who are exceedingly poor in the subject of mathematics. The reason behind this increased weakness and what can be done to help the children facing this weakness is explained in greater detail below.

Why are students bad at math?

There are students who are particularly bad at math because it is a subject that cannot be effectively learned or memorized. The formulas and different rules might be learned but as all math problems are different from the last, and because numbers are infinite, new questions can be thought of in the blink of an eye. This confuses students as they cannot learn all the different types of questions and so they find themselves out of their depth. Moreover, there are students who face problems in some particular areas of math. For example, one student might not grasp how to do properly do geometry, another might not understand algebra due to the use of letters as well as numbers. There can also be students who get confused by trigonometry or even fractions and since there are a lot of different branches of maths, students can find it really hard to be good at all the different ones. There is also the drawback of maths requiring a lot of practice. Maths is the kind of subject that requires a lot of practice to make the student understand it more effectively, however, practice is hard to do especially because students today do not have the luxury of time. They already have a full schedule with up to 6 hours of school, a few more hours of homework for other subjects and then extracurricular activities as well. Students just cannot keep up with all the work as they have to bargain time to relax and unwind as well as spend time with their friends or family. Furthermore, if the different terms and formulas applied in maths are forgotten, it becomes increasingly difficult to solve a question. There are also questions that use different formulas and it is very hard for students to remember all the different ones they have studied because the brain can only hold a specific quantity of information. All these reasons tied with the fact that if forgotten, it is really hard to solve particular questions, maths becomes one of the toughest subjects for students to get a grasp on and they cannot help but be bad it. Another issue that arises is the fact that some teachers just cannot teach maths with the finesse that is required from such a hard subject. Instead, they just end up making the whole subject harder for the children and this makes the children bad at math because their teacher did not teach them in the correct way.

How can students improve their math skills?

Practice makes a person perfect and math requires a lot of practice. Children should use the internet to look up loads of different problems and then they should try and solve those questions. Moreover, if their teacher does not effectively teach them, they can form a group where students can come together and teach each other. There are a lot of different online teachers as well and if students cannot understand their teacher at a school, they can get help online. To students that find maths boring, they can search up games related to math and then as they play these games their mind automatically gets sharper and they find it easier to do a lot of hard questions as well. An even more effective technique is to write all the formulas on sticky notes and put them where you can see them easily. This way you will keep reading and re-reading them and pretty soon you will memorize them. This will lead to a better understanding of the math problems and with the formulas memorized you can solve the questions easily. If you face problems with your teacher, you can always ask your parent to help you get extra coaching or get together with some friends and work out your problems within a group. You can also work on previous papers as this will give you a good idea of what kind of questions can come on the exam and what you should be prepared for. Furthermore, if you are studying in a group, it can be really effective to test each other on different concepts as this will refresh your memory and help you learn. Also, try not to spend too much time on the same questions as this will only burn you out or tire you and you will not be able to answer questions. Maths requires a fresh mind and only with a fresh mind can you effectively solve questions. There are also Assignment Writing Help to help you.

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