Are usually Women Really Satisfied With The Average Penis Size?


That seems a sizable number of men who complain of their penile sizes would want to understand the answer to the question above. However of all do you really know what the average penis length and girth are? If the guess was between 5 - 6 inches for penile length and between 4- 5 inches for male organ girth, then you're not far from what most research reveal. The most extensive penis survey ever carried was the survey carried out there by the Alfred kinsey institute. It revealed that the average penis length is 6. 36 inches, and the average girth is 4. 94inches. Another review also carried out by Lifestyles condom co. exposed that the average penis length ranged between 6. 00 - 6. 55 inches, and the average girth between 4. 55 - 5. 00 inches.

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But since a big amount of men fall into this category of penile length and girth, why do a lot of men feel insecure with their average penis size? That seems due to the popularity average penis girth of pornography both online and offline, men have commenced to ask questions these were shy of asking previously. One of the major problems, which causes sexual frustration in women, is the issue of a little penile size. Although most men are of average size, most women favor sizes, which are more than the standard penis size.

You might wonder why women prefer a bigger penis than the average size, you may answer that question yourself by requesting your self why men tend to prefer women with more curves (voluptuous women). The first reason is basically that, to a woman a bigger "stem" is pleasing to a persons vision and a man with a large size is much sexier than one with a little size. Likewise the sight of an set up big penis makes almost every sexual active lady to be highly turned on. A lot of women who have partners with large penile sizes usually experience vagina wetness before foreplay even begins, just by the sight of an erect big penis.

An additional reason why women are likely to prefer a bigger size to an average size of the penis is that most women usually have troubles in attaining orgasms during intercourse due to the insufficiencies of their partners in bed. A big male organ is usually capable of stimulating the nerve endings located around the walls of the vagina and deep inside the vagina. Most women love the feeling of deep penetration during sex in addition to the stimulation of their clitoris by a thick penis. This permits women to experience explosive multiple orgasms during sex.

One reason most men need to increase their penile size is to be more than the average man, in the end who really wants to be average?

Since women are not really satisfied with the average male organ size, what hope is there for men with smaller penile sizes? In the event that you where born with an average size of the penis or a tiny one you ought to be happy to know that there are ways of safely enlarging your male organ size. One of such methods is the use of natural penile exercises. These special exercises work in stretching and broadening your penile tissues by forcing them to contain more blood than they usually do. Most men have solved their problem of being of average or small size by the use of such exercises. A combo of these exercises with a quality herbal penis enlargement capsule is sure to give you faster gains. These herbal pills when taken cause increased blood flow to the genitals, heals worn out penile tissues (resulting from penile exercises) and help in penile growth.