Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout - X Men Origins


Hugh Jackman is one of Hollywood's most well built actors. This informative article focuses on Hugh Jackman and the methods that he makes use of to get and keep in great shape. When you have not noticed, Jackman is buff. In his previous movie, X-Men The Previous Stand, Jackman was doing leg presses with about 1000 pounds and bench pressing 315. For a pro bodybuilder which is not that impressive but, for a Hollywood A-list actor that is damn good.

The Hugh Jackman Wolverine Exercise for X Men Roots

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His trainer just for this movie, Michael Ryan, had Jackman using very huge weights with 1 to 2 minutes of rest in between units for his workouts. The majority of if not each Did Hugh Jackman Take Steroids For Wolverine? of the exercises used compound movements such as, squats, dead lifting, bench presses etc . Jackman said that during his training sessions he wanted to feel as if he was Wolverine so he would shout and yell during his workout routine. Jackman who stands 6'3" and will be turning 41 on October 12, 2009 seems in the film... By Men Origins Wolverine... cut to the bone.

Zero cosmetic artist could get an actor that sinewy muscular look that Jackman showed on-screen. Even the other actor that was fit, Ryan Reynolds, did not match the sheer muscle power that Jackman brought to the role of Wolverine. One of the funniest lines in the movie is when Reynolds and one other members of the team are stuck in the elevator and this individual says... "Great I'm caught in an elevator with a bunch of men on a high protein diet. "

If you've ever recently been on a high necessary protein diet you know that in many people milk necessary protein causes flatulence. However, let us get back to Jackman's workout routine.

The particular Hugh Jackman diet consisted of mostly steamed chicken breast, vegetables and whey protein shakes. In a recent interview, he commented... "I think I've wiped out the whole gene pools of chickens! " Jackman's workouts for Wolverine lasted for an hour and a half every day. Even his wife commented that Jackman was getting big from all the heavy training.

The Wolverine workout started approximately 12 months before recording for X-Men origins Wolverine started. Michael Ryan his best friend and personal trainer utilized phase training to have the results that Jackman showed on-screen. We will not go into details about phase training since I have covered that in an article about Hugh Jackman's workout routine.

The end result is that any individual who feeds on right, trains right, and gets sufficient rest can achieve bodybuilding results like Jackman did. He is not genetically gifted and in reality is a... hard gainer. So bear in mind that you too can achieve your fitness goals by utilizing a training program like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine workout.