Conventional Medication: A Standard Release


The traditional medicine has lasted owing to the fact it exists from the numerous experiences of whole decades, from century to century, from millennium to millennium; it is born out of traditions; it is true and it comes from the beginning; it is really as modern now in their performance because it was right back then. As provide era, it is our work to keep unchanged that treasury named standard medicine and - if we are not able  hijama  to improve and enrich it - it's our work to go it in the exact same condition to the next years, too.

A person may possibly prove that he exists if he recognizes that there is white and black, evening and time, much and near, object or shadow at the skyline, and they can inform what all they are: representation, colors, lights or Formation; he knows and they can make us know what each of them are in his turn. A person may select to live in bright or black. It is his correct to accomplish it. The difference is that in bright you evolve, you work and you build, whilst in dark you rest yourself.

The very first guys went without crime in to the Kingdom of Heaven. The following technology went to the Kingdom of Heaven, task half-done and half-mistakes, since they hadn't understood precisely and they hadn't assimilated the very first men's training faithfully. We, persons nowadays, ignorant of convention, we've erred insomuch that that remains us to complete is watch for the Last Judgment, with the consequences of our mistakes.

We needed the liberty to forgive, we took the liberty to determine, we needed the liberty to usurp our blogs'can, and we took the liberty to crucify, as well. Following all these, we dared believe in Redemption without providing any consideration to tradition and their stored treasure.

The growth procedures of an individual related to the human race should be approached in two methods and by two offices: psycho-somatic development and religious evolution. In the very first event we shall examine concerning the strength of the human being's psychic and human body; in the latter one in regards to the human being's spiritual evolution, which depends upon the individual being's excellent and continuous searches. In this product I explain the individual way of psycho-dynamic evolution, specifically the human being's character on the path of evolution and his reactions to different activities; and the somatic development, as well. The key triggers causing a person's disorders are SADNESS and INSECURITY, which have developed in to CONSTANT WORRY.

Suffering and numerous affections are a challenge for the individual, equally as specific and as science. We haven't got any old source that shows us how conditions appeared in the world. We have conditions and we have treatments but we have not got either any medical research or any explanation regarding how the trend of disease happened in the world. Inside our century, the conditions with the highest mortality rate are: tuberculosis, myocardial infarction, obesity, cancers, schizophrenia and despair of various types. The last two people endured previously, also; they have existed since the start of human evolution. Usually genetic mutations would be the initiating facets of numerous affections. The additional facets causing genetic mutations are cosmic phenomena, significant climatic changes and so on. The inner factor is considered to be the framework modification of leukocytes and erythrocytes.

There are other hypotheses, also, such as: the individual has been born (and used to be) perfectly healthy and indestructible. Looking and looking, the human being discovered he had a spirit; actually ever since then there's been an constant conflict fought between soul and soul; possibly they was able to become one or they would rot. In the span of time, human anatomy started to get rid of challenge to soul.

Or: in the way they are considered, disorders will be the appearance of a person's different strategies which are born out of a person's numerous conceptions, specifically the pragmatic and the spiritual one. In numerous ages, civilizations just like the Assyrians, the Mayans and the Greeks stated that the different conditions were a consequence of people's mistakes; they were gods'punishment for people's shameful acts. As, from numerous factors, the individual lost his liberty, the gods were born. With the gods, were created the ruling factors of the human civilization, specifically: FEAR, OBEDIENCE AND SLAVERY.

Hence being dominated by force, the individual missing the war and the confidence that provided him security; the solid and independent person no more endured; just the individual converted into obeisant and prone individual did. The above-mentioned civilizations accepted as speculation the indisputable fact that conditions are unintended but necessary for the individual; if the person weren't dejected and damaged down, that will help him change, evolve and conform to the environmental changes. In old times, they believed that falling sick was incident, luck and destiny at the same time and that one could win by your own force alone; you could recover your health with the aid of nature and of its generates and modify your destiny.