Baseball, Barry Bonds and Steroid drugs


In the last 5 years the growing popularity and use of illegitimate substances (steroids) in major league baseball has created a public outcry and led to indictments, arrests and congressional hearings. Some have even put major group baseball on par with professional wrestling as it is now a drugged or 'juiced' game and old, long lasting records by the greats like Ruth and Hank Aaron can simply be damaged by lesser athletes on steroids and have become meaningless. Just look at Barry Bonds for an example.

Barry Bonds became depressed in the past due 90's as new sportsmen like McGwire and Jose Conseco were becoming more popular for belting homeruns. Bonds was a great athlete, but he was aging and just like his father was headed for retirement. Bonds and everyone else knew that Conseco and the others were taking steroids. This was inevitable that Provides would begin taking steroids as he was very envious and had an insatiable appetite for being the leader - he could not stand being in second location to anyone and saw the great results of McGwire and Conseco.

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Craig Bonds started taking numerous types of steroids through his trainer Greg Anderson. His physique, career and baseball would never become the same. Bonds tiger woods was better after the steroids than anytime in his profession. The steroids had increased his career and possibly made him the best player in baseball historical past as he has now hit 722 career home runs. Only a few of the greatest players in Baseball history have ever hit into this range. It is similar to what Tiger Hardwoods has done in Golfing and his chasing Plug Nicklaus with his 18 career major titles. Typically the difference is that Tiger Woods is a real champion and doesn't use drugs like steroids or cheat in any way. Children can look up to him as a main character.

Tiger Woods worked and trained very difficult - he is also human as he went through a great deal dealing with the loss of his father. Tiger woods through his great game and ethics has elevated professional golf and its fan base to all time highs. Craig Bonds, on the other hand, has devastated mlb and their rich history. Records are not meant to be broken on a daily or monthly basis. Records are just that records of greatness, by actual heroes like Joe DiMaggio, Ruth, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle and Ty Cobb. They never used steroids and were great players both on and off the field.

Just what every professional athlete needs to understand is that our kids see them as idols, heroes and mentors. Its not about the money, its about the game. Ninety nine % of professional athletes never become a great like Rod Carew, Michael Michael jordan, or Warren Moon, nevertheless they are all imprinted in our children. Everyone remembers the negatives like McEnroe and his emotional reactions, Rae Caruth and U. J. Simpson whom have abused the legal system and their fame to commit murder, steroids, gambling and the expulsion of baseball legend Pete Rose. Don't the leaders of these professional sports realize that they have tainted and in some respects ruined the future of sports like major group baseball.

To determine immediate evidence of this all one has to do is look at the dwindling number of visitors to the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, NYC. It used to be nearly every young boys fantasy to see the outfit worn by Babe Ruth, the Golf ball that has been signed by Reggie Jackson and his Yankee teammates, the stories of greatness and great difficulties and obstacles that were overcome by a number of the legends. Rare baseball cards by players with rigid standards like Honus Wagner whom had his cards pulled as he would not want to be associated with tobacco and cigarettes. The meaning of baseball's rich history has greatly suffered and will continue until something drastic is done.

Athletes like Barry Bonds that cheat and use illegitimate performance boosting drugs should be banned and immediately removed from baseball and other sports. They should receive punishment worse than Pete Rose and really should be stripped of all records, game titles, and history amongst people. Permit someone who worked hard, overcame adversity and great obstacles, and never scammed together great ethics, requirements and was a true hero function as the one to determine their fate - someone like Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron set records, great records, hard way and they are being tarnished by the loves of Barry Bonds and others. Hank Aaron, like Herschel Walker, overcame an extremely poor upbringing, racism, insufficient resources, etc... and through sheer determination became one of the greatest athletes ever.

It is time to stop the commercialism and get returning to the basics of these sports. We have forgotten what the game really means. There is a reason why in Brooklyn they still remember the Brooklyn Dodgers. Lets not let the great game of baseball be ruined by people like Barry Provides - they must be removed from the game, their history completely wiped out and start anew. This is the only way to keep or rescue the image of professional baseball.