How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day? A Great deal More Than You Understand


One of the biggest misunderstandings when it comes to weight loss is "How many calories should I eat a day? " Have you actually gone on a low calorie diet in order to lose weight only to find yourself making little or no progress? Not only do low calorie diets not work, they can also make you gain more weight. By learning how your metabolism works and working in harmony by it, you can save yourself a lot of the time and frustration and adopt a sensible eating approach that is effective for dropping weight, promotes good health, and is enjoyable too.

The quest to find the "perfect" quantity of calories you should eat every day is an exercise in failure. There are too many factors involved, including activity levels, resting metabolism rate and types of foods eaten. Trying to come up with a established number only brings about more confusion and frustration.

A few people drastically cut calories in order to lose weight. This is a very common mistake and results in a seriously compromised metabolism. You see, when you skip meals or restrict daily how many calories should i eat a day calories, your metabolism adapts by delaying down. It "thinks" that food is scarce and reacts by starting "survival mode" The end effect is a slow metabolism that, rather than burning the calories you eat, stores them as fat.

The fact is, you must eat plenty of food regularly if you wish to maintain a fast burning metabolism. A fast burning metabolism is the key to long lasting weight loss. But just telling you to eat more frequent meals is incomplete advice...

You have to eat certain types of calories in a variety of different patterns daily. Done correctly, this approach "shocks" your metabolism so it never has a chance to adapt. It increase in order to try and keep up with the continuous changes, and this makes you burn almost all of the calories you consume.

This specific approach is called calorie shifting, and it is a very sensible alternative to trying to physique out 'how many calories should I eat a day. " What makes calorie shifting so functional is the fact that an individual count calories or eliminate the foods you enjoy... you just have to eat them in specific patterns that stimulate your metabolism.

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