What is the Best Bed and Bed Mattress for Side Sleepers



If same as me you sleep mostly on your side, best wishes, you are performing what comes natural. Trouble is most of the people can’t stay on their sides for a long time period because of pressure points and one side turning and tossing all night. So what is the best bed for side sleepers and best mattress for side sleepers?

Purchasing a new mattress must be more like purchasing new golf clubs; you have to get completely fit to get the most benefit of your new shopping. Mattress of spring type will not match to your body enough to avoid pressure building up in your hips and shoulders. Memory foam does work really well to relieve these possible pressure points but they don’t hold up well over the period of time, they are good to sleep on, and they smell horrible of toxic fumes. The best mattress for side sleepers is one which is prepared of high quality latex foam.

What is very special regarding latex foam?

Mattresses of latex foam do the whole thing memory foam does exclusive of the noticeable side effects. No malicious smell, very durable, and are cool to comfortably sleep on because of their open cell structure that lets air flow. These mattresses are available in different firmness options that are what makes it the best mattress for side sleepers as we like soft type of mattresses. Smoother mattresses would let our hips and shoulders to sink in and with the help of latex foam still you get complete support for your lower side back.

When selecting the best mattress for side sleepers you have to remember your weight. As these mattresses are available in different firmness options you have to be conscious of what works good for your overall weight. Normally my customers that select the "soft" edition are below 180 lbs as me. Most of the manufactures of latex mattress give a lot "ILD's" that is a rating number for firmness. Latex with a 28 rating or lower is generally measured "soft" by the mainstream and generally comes with an even smoother topper.

What is the Best Mattress for a Side Sleeper that is weighty?

It is a burdened question as everybody is different. Once more, getting back to normal, most of the customers that are between 170 and 220 lbs select a latex mattress along with an ILD rating in the middle 30's merged with a latex mattress topper in the lower 20's. This specific selection wouldn’t just give support for a somewhat weighty person but even provide complete pressure relief in the hips and shoulders mostly because of the smoother topper.

For those looking for the best mattress for side sleepers that are weighty you would have no option but to go along with one in the more than 30's ILD range but once more, get the additional soft latex mattress topper to assist with the hip and shoulder circulation problems you are possibly having right now. All the options I have suggested are based on experience of more than 14 years mattresses online and are actually what client have reported back works good for them based on the classification of weight. It is crucial to put yourself in hands of a "true" sleep specialist when you are shelling out the cash for one of these best latex mattresses. One more thing you need to confirm of is the mattress’s test period. Even though the above suggestions work best for some people, still it comes down to personal selection and you have to be sure you can return or exchange the bed mattress if it is not doing work out for you.