Tips for a good relationship


From the many questions and enquiries I get from a lot of members of our site, I know that this is something that is really needed. I decided to post the answer on this website because I know it will benefit others too.

Communication is the most important key to good relationship. What is effective communication? Speak to your partner just like you would talk to a friend who you have know all your life. Speak honestly but very tactfully. If you thing talking isn’t going to work write it down and give it to him or her in a note. Keep it brief and directly to the point. Act as if you are giving someone instructions. Don’t ever yell or use language that is inappropriate.

- If your partner has told you something unpleasant about their pass, never bring it up. Remember this person trusted you enough to open up to you in a special way. Don’t make them feel as though they made a mistake and that you’re not trustworthy. It will make the relationship go downhill very quick.

- When you get angry whatever works to calm you down use it just as if your job depended on it. When you think about it a relationship requires a sense of responsibility to conduct yourself appropriately. If you can control yourself at work because you know what going to happen if you don’t pretend your at work. Control can make or break a situation in a relationship without a doubt.

- Try doing something fun together at least twice a month and don’t forget to compliment each other. Don’t focus on your partner’s negatives boost up the positives and you’ll see them work on the negatives on their own. People already know what their faults are they don’t need anyone to tell them.

- Don’t go to a third party for advice unless this person has been a long term relationship that has worked. You don’t need advice from someone who doesn’t know how to make their own relationships work out well. Be careful family members are good to give advice but they won’t take advice from you about their own failing relationships.