Could Razor Bumps Be Eradicated Using Simple Methods?


Ingrown hairs are a headache for both men and women. Men who slice their beards daily can attest to the reality that ingrown hairs are something that anyone would gladly do without. Not really only are they unsightly, nevertheless they are painful and can cause bleeding and scarring if shaved over.
Ingrown hairs are also called razor bumps. The medical term is Pseudofolliculitis barbae. While they can occur in any part of the body, they are more common in areas that are shaved on a regular basis including the face, the legs and the bikini area.


Razor protrusions occur when a hair that was razor bumps on legs  previously shaved starts to grow again. It then curls inwards and pierces the skin puncturing it. This area then becomes inflamed, transforming red in color if you are Caucasian or darker if you have dark skin. In some instances, the inflammation can advance and cause pus and water to fill the lump. It can then run dry and later cause forever scarring which in switch can be unsightly.

Razor burn, as these lumps are sometimes referred as, can also occur in women both on the face and in the sting bikini area. This is because women who want to wear high cut bikini swim suits must slice their bikini area constantly. In the process, they also incur bikini razor blade bumps which can be unattractive.

How can razor burn off be prevented or eliminated completely? One of the first ways to get rid of razor inflammation is to use a clean razor rather than to reuse it. This is one of the key reasons why people get razor bumps. A new razor that is old and blunt would not do a good job at shaving closely, and in the process causes hair to re-grow and curl inwards. So the first line of defense against these bumps is by using a clean new razor all the time.

Proper waxing techniques are also essential in countering bumps and inflammation caused by razor blade shaving. When shaving, use short strokes rather than long repeat strokes. By using a sharpened high quality single-blade razor blade has been noted to have more effect than the usual double-bladed razor. Dull rotor blades are also accountable for razor blade bumps because they do not shave closely.

Also, do not shave against the direction of the hair growth. Before you shave, it is recommended that you take a warm or hot bathtub. This smooths the hair follicles and allows for an easier shave. Make use of shaving gels or waxing cr? mes. These have been designed with eradicating razor bumps in thoughts. Cr? mes such as Bikini Zone are cheap and effective particularly for the bikini area.