How to Make Love to a Woman


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Making love to a woman is the ultimate fantasy any guy can have in his entire life. However, why are some men still can’t reach their own fantasy? Are they missing something like the X factor that everyone is talking about? So, how to make love to a woman?

Making love and having a plain sex is way different from each other. They may have the same meaning when you glance at the two words but when you spell the word letter by letter, you’ll see the reason why they are different. So if you want to know the ways to satisfy a woman in bed, below are some tips that may truly help you in how to make love to a woman.

a) The very first and the most essential point is always to express the girl exactly how much you love her. She must be convinced that you’re truly committed to her before you do it.

b) Land a deep and the most passionate kiss on her. Gently start inching every single part of the woman’s body, remind her that she’s really the only beautiful woman on earth. Don’t try to step on the limitations and let her feel safe and comfortable at all times.

c) Never lose eye-to-eye contact with her. This approach shows that you’re true and seriously in love with her.

d) From the start, try and lead the activity. Most women really like with man on top of them. Make sure to appear timid, taking in charge of the love making.

e) Make sure to talk dirty. It’s been proven that dirty talking turns on women and drives them crazy. Be sure that your woman likes the entire act and stays comfortable. It’s the best and in reality, the simplest way to stimulate her in lovemaking.

f) Keep in mind that slow and steady always win the race. Make sure that you are slow-moving and take pleasure in every single inch of the woman’s body. Wait until she responds and delivers some signal that she’s fully satisfied. Maintain doing it until she’s really fired up. Each woman has their own different choices as well as ease and comfort. So don’t rush it, give some time to enjoy the romantic moment.

g) Oral sex is the ideal starter for love making. If you’re asking yourself how to make love to woman, this can be the best medicine. Girls love oral sex and it really works as a catalyst. Try to master this particular act, and use it to its greatest level. This makes you the king of love making as well as the proven master of sex. Ensure that each and every kiss is sweet and can electrify her. This is usually a great start to have an incredible sex helping her reach the much better orgasms.

Along with these hints and a wonderful start, you will be confident on how to make love to a woman. Remember always that every single move you make during that night will reflect your own love making, so give it a shot and do your best.