GetMyOlloCard - Ollo Credit Card Online Application Guide

Jerry Rogers
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Customers that received in the mail a mailer promoting the Ollo Platinum or Ollo Rewards Mastercard can complete an application for the card online at the Getmyollocard website.  The internet application process is quick and shouldn’t take just a few minutes to finish. At the conclusion you will recieve an instant decision of the acceptance.  Your new charge card is going to be mailed out to your mailing address.

The first step in applying for a Ollo plastic card is that you simply must at the very least be 18 years of age.  You also needs to be described as a legal resident with the United States. These are the prerequisite steps for anybody considering applying for a card.  The next thing would be to simply apply.

How to Apply Online?

To apply online just visit the Getmyollocard application internet site and enter the reservation number and access code.  These codes ought to be noted on the mailer. If you peer with the bottom of the offer letter you'll see both numbers highlighted.

After inputting the reservation number and access code the second step is always to go through the blue submit button.  You will likely be taken straight away to the internet application to begin with completing it.  You will likely need to include some personal information such as your income, employment, address, mortgage, etc.

More details:

You also can apply by completing the hard copy application that has been attached to your offer letter.  When deciding to mail in your application you should be aware that it's going to take longer to process.  Mail travel time can take between 3 to 1 week so you may need to be patient. Once the application arrives to the correct address and is also processed then you will receive notification.  Notification will arrive by mail or on the phone if you’ve been selected for a Mastercard.

There can be another toll free number that enables consumers to apply by phone.  This is often a fast method at the same time to apply and get approved.

GetmyOllocard Features

The Getmyollocard is made for people with fair to a low credit score.  It’s a starter card when used responsibly opens the door for better plastic card deals to arrive in the mail. The point using this type of card is to increase your credit rating and that means you can be entitled to other available choices.

It is a great card for credit rebuilding

Offers no yearly fee

No late charges

No rewards program