Types of Mattresses in Market, and Why You Should Buy Cool Foam Mattress



Bed is your own corner, partner in your dreams, your hours of sleep and the address of all wishes. What if your sleep is uncomfortable because of improper selection of mattress, many of us believe that this topic is an important and does need to be studied well and make your own research before buying a new mattress. This is why you and your family have moved away from back pain, neck aches, anxiety and insomnia.

1- Sanitary mattress “Sliding handle/Zipper mattresses”

Recently, mattresses with a sliding handle or zipper have spread as they do in tongues, but unless you know that there are two completely different types, each has advantages and disadvantages. The first one is the most economical and the second is the best. Is appropriate for all members of the body, since the physical configuration of the human is not straight, which makes the weights distributed to the mattress is unequal.

2- Best for a comfortable sleep “High Density foam mattress”

Common information, which is a widespread health disaster, is that "the harder it is, the more solid it will be." But this information is completely wrong. The human body needs comfort and does not run into something inflexible during sleep. And many of us wonder why he feels back and neck pain specifically when he wakes up every day of sleep, and does not know that it causes long-term bone malformations, which require rapid medical intervention.

3- Cheap sponge mattresses

The sponges are the cheapest and are not the least expensive, but they are the most harmful to the body. They do not provide sufficient support for the body during sleep. Sponge also loses its cohesion after long use, unless it is a solid type.

4- Cotton mattresses

Cotton mattresses also have a limited price that is accessible to all. It has long since been the most common choice in all our homes. It is safer than spongy mattresses, but what you do not know about cotton is that its properties are constipation and impotence, which makes it resilient to the body after a while. after short period of use and transformation of solid blocks, in addition to cotton is the ideal environment for bed bugs and difficult to clean the order of the power of absorption of water and the difficulty of drying again without losing its flexibility.

5- Optimum selection “Cooling foam, memory foam mattress”

So what is the best choice for our bedroom?

It is better to choose a cool foam mattress or a memory foam cooling mattress, and that the number per square meter is more than 200, distributed at least between 3-5 supports and loading points. It is not preferable to choose mattresses with cotton layers, but if so the height should be 25-40 cm , And do not buy a one-faced mattress, and it is best to change your mattress at most every five years.

When buying a two-sided order, you can change the face used every month by turning it upside down, to distribute the loads evenly and evenly on the zippers and live longer. One of the most necessary steps is to buy a protective guard to prevent the arrival of any dirt or soil to the mattress, which may help to form insects and spread to a longer life and better health.