Best delivery guys in the movies
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Getting your items delivered to you is a fun thing to experience, since you need not get out of your house anymore but just go to your doorstep and grab the item you have bought. Now, when you watch movies online, you will notice that there are times when the characters orders something by the phone and then grab it by their doors. One of the most common ones is pizza. Everyone loves pizza and normally it is delivered to the house to enjoy it at home. You can also eat it as you watch movies online on solarmovie ph.

The delivery process is quite easy, you need only call the number that each pizzeria provides and ask them to do a delivery to your house. You need to pay it when it arrives at your front door and you are good to go. Here are some delivery guys in movies that are quite awesome to take note of.

The one is in Mookie where the delivery by Mookie to bring a pie to the person he loves and truly it is quite the romantic scene if you are up for some romance that sizzles. It is one of the best movies out there and you should definitely watch this one.

Another one is the pizza guy in the film Home Alone which is really funny because he was met by angry retorts by the gangster and he just runs for his life as the scene began to unfold. Not all delivery guys have a nice experience, most of them are just trying to earn their keep after all.

There is also the film Lover boy where the delivery guy gets more than he expected to. With some female customers that are more than wealthy, he gets benefits and has all the fun he can possibly get.


The last one is Nick on the movie 30 minutes or less which he has ends up in a situation where he has to act fast or die trying. It is a very suspense movie that makes you want to rethink about the guys who delivers your pizza.

Go ahead and watch movies online and you will notice that there is more to the pizza delivery guys than they ought to be, sometimes they are even important characters in the scene. Of course there is also a lot more you can have delivered to you such as groceries.

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