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Asian & Hispanic Groceries, Delivered
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The modern way to grocery shop for all your traditional favorites. We bring fresh, local, and peak-season ingredients right to your door. Enjoy no subscription fees and free delivery with a low order minimum. Discover unique noms you won't find elsewhere!
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Bought this eel for the first time. It has been deboned, which is very convenient. After the water boils, add the eel shreds, turn off the heat, and soak for about 10 seconds. Pick it up and clean it up because there's still some black stuff to clean up. After that, tear it into silk and set aside. This time I got the eel rice and served it with Korean kimchi. Delicious 😋!
Shredded Freshwater Eel Slices, Frozen
💞Hannah Tang🌷
I really like this three-toothed fish. I have removed the internal organs, scraped the scales, cut off the spines around the fish, and cleaned it up very well. After cleaning the fish, marinate it with a little salt and fry it until it turns golden brown, and then sprinkle some pickled chili peppers and chopped green onion. The meat is thick and smooth without fishy smell and delicious 🥰!
King Weakfish, Frozen
I really didn't exaggerate~ This peach is really delicious, sweet, crunchy, fragrant and a bit Q
White Peaches, 1 Box
It's delicious, I bought 20 boxes of peaches, and I don't eat peaches every day, haha
White Peaches, 1 Box
Hahaha, how delicious is this peach? I can eat this peach without eating 🍑
White Peaches, 1 Box
Not bad, with the frozen char siew bought by weee
Nissin Raoh Ramen, Tonkotsu Flavor
I personally witnessed the process of life growth, fun and rewarding!
Fresh Oyster Mushroom Log
Crazy 😝 Shopper
I bought most of the ingredients from Weee! to cook my Quang noodles. I’m more than happy with this kind of shrimp. A big box with a reasonable price. I use the shrimp heads to cook broth (with pork bone marrows). Their bodies are braised for topping, come along with Happy eggs and pork ribs. Even the noodles and roasted rice paper came from Weee! My family loves this noodle.
Champmar King-Sized White Shrimp 40-50pc, Frozen
Let teammates cook last night Dried spices marinated for 2 nights and roasted for 3 hours Pork has no fishy smell tender meat 100% repurchase rate
St. Louis Style Pork Ribs, Frozen
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