Buy Beijing yogurt online

Buy Beijing yogurt online

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Beijing Yogurt

Discover the unique world of Beijing Yogurt, a beloved tradition that is imprinted in the culinary heritage of China's grand capital. Derived from olden times, Beijing Yogurt is a signature dish, endowed with a rich, creamy texture and delicate flavor. Today, it still holds a special place in the heart of Chinese people, helping to tell stories of a culture through taste.

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#1 Beijing Yogurt, Plain Original Flavor 6 cups

Beijing Yogurt, Plain Original Flavor 6 cups

Beijing Yogurt, Plain Original Flavor 6 cups

Experience authentic Asian cuisine with original plain Beijing Yogurt. Ideal for incorporating into various dishes, it can spice up dips, marinades, and desserts. Its natural, creamy taste blends well with both sweet and savory recipes, offering versatility in your culinary adventures. Since it's unflavored, you can customize it to your liking- from spicy to sweet. Loaded with probiotics, it aids in digestion, making it a healthy addition to your daily diet. The pack of 6 ensures there's plenty to use, offering great value for the money.

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#2 Beijing Yogurt, Plain Original Flavor 24pk

Beijing Yogurt, Plain Original Flavor 24pk

Beijing Yogurt, Plain Original Flavor 24pk

This plain Beijing Yogurt is appealing as it's offered in a practical 24pk for convenience and value. Its original flavor allows versatility in assorted Asian cuisine, such as in marinades or smoothies. Since it's not frozen, it's ready to use immediately. Rich in probiotics, it aids digestion and boosts overall health, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals.

$37.99 - $44.99
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#3 Beijing Original Plain Yogurt, 6pk

Beijing Original Plain Yogurt, 6pk

Beijing Original Plain Yogurt, 6pk

This plain Beijing yogurt fits perfectly for those seeking authentic Asian dairy. It's a wholesome choice, packed with probiotics, aiding digestion and offering health benefits. Being plain, it perfectly complements a myriad of Asian dishes, adding a tangy flavor. In top-notch Chinese desserts like sweet red bean soup, it introduces a creamy texture and subtly sour note, adding culinary delight. If frozen, it ensures easy storage and lasting freshness.

$17.99 - $19.99
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#4 Old Town Beijing Drinkable Plain Yogurt

Old Town Beijing Drinkable Plain Yogurt

Old Town Beijing Drinkable Plain Yogurt

This delectable Beijing-style yogurt delights with its traditional plain flavor, perfectly primed for versatile use. A staple in Asian gastronomy, it can enhance the creaminess of soups, enrich sauces, or provide a refreshing contrast to spicy dishes. Health enthusiasts will appreciate the probiotic benefits supporting gut health. If this were a frozen item, it would offer longevity and convenience, being ready for use at a moment's notice. Keywords: Beijing-style yogurt, Asian cuisine, health benefits, probiotic yogurt.

$7.99 - $9.99
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#5 Beijing Yogurt Strawberry Flavor 6 cups

Beijing Yogurt Strawberry Flavor 6 cups

Beijing Yogurt Strawberry Flavor 6 cups

Enjoy the rich, creamy delight of Beijing Yogurt Strawberry Flavor. With a pack of 6, it offers value and convenience. Perfect as a standalone snack, this yogurt also enhances desserts and breakfast bowls. Its luscious strawberry taste adds a fruity twist to traditional Beijing yogurt. This healthy choice is packed with probiotics, which promote gut health. No need to worry about freshness, this yogurt is ready to grab, anytime you crave a taste of Beijing.

$11.99 - $13.49
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Beijing Yogurt near me

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Frequently asked questions

What is Beijing yogurt?

Beijing yogurt is a traditional Chinese yogurt made from cow's milk. It has a slightly sweet and tangy taste and a smooth texture.

Is Beijing yogurt suitable for lactose intolerant people?

No, Beijing yogurt contains lactose and is not suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Does Beijing yogurt contain any preservatives?

No, Beijing yogurt is typically made without any preservatives. It is a natural and wholesome food.

Can I freeze Beijing yogurt?

Yes, you can freeze Beijing yogurt. However, the texture may change slightly after thawing.

Does Beijing yogurt come in different flavors?

Yes, Beijing yogurt comes in various flavors such as original, strawberry, mango, and more.

Can I make Beijing yogurt at home?

Yes, it is possible to make Beijing yogurt at home using a yogurt maker or following specific recipes.

Does Beijing yogurt contain any artificial additives?

No, Beijing yogurt typically does not contain any artificial additives. It is made using natural ingredients.

Can I use Beijing yogurt in smoothies?

Yes, Beijing yogurt can be used as a base for smoothies to add a creamy texture and tangy flavor.

Is Beijing yogurt good for health?

Yes, Beijing yogurt is considered to be a healthy food. It is rich in probiotics, which promote a healthy gut and digestion.

Is Beijing yogurt suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Beijing yogurt is suitable for vegetarians as it is made from cow's milk and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

What is the shelf life of Beijing yogurt?

Beijing yogurt usually has a shelf life of about 7-10 days if refrigerated properly.

Can I use Beijing yogurt in cooking and baking?

Yes, Beijing yogurt can be used as a substitute for regular yogurt in cooking and baking recipes.

Is Beijing yogurt suitable for babies?

Yes, Beijing yogurt can be given to babies as a part of their diet. However, it is advised to consult with a pediatrician first.

Is Beijing yogurt gluten-free?

Yes, Beijing yogurt is gluten-free and can be consumed by individuals with gluten intolerance.

Can Beijing yogurt help with digestion?

Yes, Beijing yogurt contains probiotics that can aid in digestion and promote a healthy gut.

Where can I buy Beijing yogurt?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,