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Buy Calbee online


Immerse yourself in the snacking revolution with Calbee. As a renowned Japanese brand, Calbee takes pride in producing high-quality snacks that tickle taste buds around the globe. Known for fusing tradition and innovation, Calbee not only provides a sublime snacking experience but also pays a tribute to the rich Japanese gastronomy.

Top 5 products for Calbee


#1 Calbee Jagarico Hokkaido Butter

Calbee Jagarico Hokkaido Butter

Calbee Jagarico Hokkaido Butter

The Calbee Jagarico Hokkaido Butter snack is perfect for individuals seeking a flavorful option from the renowned Calbee brand. This snack is made with Hokkaido butter, resulting in a rich, creamy flavor that customers love. Although it's not typically part of an Asian dish, it's great as a standalone snack with tea or a quick appetizer. Its prepackaged convenience further amplifies its appeal. It also offers a one-of-a-kind taste experience uniquely linked with Calbee, a leader in Japanese snack production. Enjoy anytime, anywhere!

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#2 Calbee Potato Chips Salt&Seaweed MEGA Size

Calbee Potato Chips Salt&Seaweed MEGA Size

Calbee Potato Chips Salt&Seaweed MEGA Size

This Calbee mega-sized item offers a unique twist on traditional potato chips with an infusion of salt and seaweed, delivering a delightful umami flavor. Ideal for consumers desiring an Asian-inspired snack, they can serve as a standalone item or paired with dishes like sushi or tempura. Health-conscious individuals will appreciate them as they harness the nutritional benefits of seaweed- a good source of vitamins and minerals. This product meets the requirement for lovers of the Calbee brand, as it delivers on taste, size, and health.

$4.99 - $6.99
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#3 Calbee Frugra Regular

Calbee Frugra Regular

Calbee Frugra Regular

"Frugra" is a prime selection for those into "Calbee". A tasteful granola mix from the Japanese giant, Calbee, it is a delightful blend of dried fruits and fiber-rich cereals. It plays a vital role as a meal's crunchy topping or a nourishing snack, catering to healthy eating demands. Its easy portability makes it ideal for on-the-go situations.

$5.88 - $8.99
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#4 Calbee Jagarico Original

Calbee Jagarico Original

Calbee Jagarico Original

The Calbee Jagarico Original is a splendid choice for customers hunting for Calbee products online. This savory Japanese snack typically accompanies ramen or other noodle dishes, and offers potato delight with a hint of buttery taste. The crunchy texture makes it enjoyably satiating. It doesn't contain the term 'frozen', so no need to worry about storage or defrosting. As a light, low in fat snack, it aligns with healthy eating habits. Perfect for Calbee fans and Japanese snack lovers.

$1.99 - $2.49
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#5 Calbee Potato Chips Hot&Spicy MEGA Size

Calbee Potato Chips Hot&Spicy MEGA Size

Calbee Potato Chips Hot&Spicy MEGA Size

For those scouring the internet for the unique taste of Calbee, these Hot&Spicy MEGA Size Potato Chips are a real find. They're teeming with zesty, spicy flavors that add a compelling twist to any Asian dish, augmenting its savory appeal. Conveniently, they aren't frozen, eliminating thawing time. Regrettably, they don't fall into the healthy category due to their high sodium and fat content. Savor every crunchy bite of Calbee's Asian flavor adventure.

$4.99 - $6.99
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Frequently asked questions

What is Calbee?

Calbee is a popular Japanese brand that produces a variety of snacks and food products, including potato chips, cookies, and granola. They are known for their high-quality and flavorful offerings.

Are calbee snacks vegetarian and vegan-friendly?

Many Calbee snacks are suitable for vegetarians and some for vegans as well. However, it's important to check the packaging of individual products for specific dietary information.

Does Calbee produce gluten-free snacks?

Calbee has gluten-free options available, such as their Snapea Crisps made from green peas. However, not all of their products are gluten-free, so it's important to check the packaging or their website for specific information.

Are Calbee snacks suitable for people with nut allergies?

Some Calbee snacks may contain nuts or be processed in facilities that handle nuts, so individuals with nut allergies should check the packaging or product information to ensure their safety.

Do Calbee snacks contain artificial flavors?

Calbee snacks may contain artificial flavors, depending on the specific product. It's recommended to check the ingredient list or packaging for detailed information.

Can Calbee snacks be microwaved or heated?

Calbee snacks, particularly their potato chips, are not designed to be microwaved or heated. They are meant to be enjoyed as a ready-to-eat snack.

Are Calbeeproducts available in my country?

Calbee products are available in many countries worldwide. However, availability may vary, so it's best to check with local supermarkets, Asian markets, or online retailers for specific information.

Can Calbee snacks be eaten by people following a kosher diet?

Some Calbeesnacks may be suitable for individuals following a kosher diet. It is advisable to check the packaging or product information for kosher certification symbols or statements.

Is Calbee a healthy snack?

Calbee offers a range of products, some of which are healthier choices than others. While their potato chips may not be considered the healthiest option due to their high fat and sodium content, they also produce snacks like Snapea Crisps made from green peas, which are a healthier alternative.

What flavors of Calbee potato chips are available?

Calbee offers a wide range of potato chip flavors, including classic flavors like Original, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, as well as unique flavors like Pizza, Hot & Spicy, and Nori Seaweed.

Can Calbee snacks be shipped internationally?

Yes, Calbee snacks can be shipped internationally. Many online retailers and Asian markets offer worldwide shipping, allowing people from different countries to enjoy their products.

Are Calbee snacks suitable for children?

Calbee produces snacks that are enjoyed by people of all ages, including children. However, it's important to consider any specific dietary needs, allergies, or age restrictions when choosing snacks for children.

What is the shelf life of Calbee snacks?

The shelf life of Calbee snacks varies depending on the product. It is generally recommended to consume them before the expiration date printed on the packaging for the best taste and quality.

Are Calbee snacks suitable for people with diabetes?

Calbee snacks, especially those high in carbohydrates and sugar, may not be suitable for individuals with diabetes. It is advisable to choose snacks that align with specific dietary requirements and consult a healthcare professional if needed.

Can Calbeesnacks be included in a weight loss diet?

While Calbee snacks can be enjoyed in moderation, they may not be the best choice for a weight loss diet due to their higher calorie and fat content. It is recommended to focus on whole, unprocessed foods for weight loss purposes.

Where can I buy Calbee snacks?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market ( or you can check local supermarkets, Asian markets, or online retailers that offer international shipping.