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Boy Bawang Golden Sweet Corn (min 3)

Boy Bawang Golden Sweet Corn

"Boy Bawang Golden Sweet Corn is an authentic Filipino snack with a unique sweet corn flavor. This tasty munch makes a quality addition to various Asian cuisines, further enhancing the dish's overall zest. Being a healthier chip option with lower saturation, it's perfect for the health-conscious patrons. Crispy and delicious, it's a truly delightful treat from the Philippines."


Boy Bawang Cornick, BBQ Flavor

Boy Bawang Cornick, BBQ Flavor

This "Boy Bawang Cornick, BBQ Flavor" is a popular Filipino snack, made primarily from fried corn kernels. It features a distinctive BBQ taste, perfect for those who enjoy a smoky, savory crunch. As a snack, it can be eaten alone, or added to traditional Asian dishes for a burst of BBQ flavor. Its size makes it a convenient, bite-sized treat for on-the-go snacking. The product offers a distinct, rich taste of the Philippines, perfect for anyone wanting to experience Filipino cuisine.

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