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#1 Kasugai Fruit Gummy Assort (Lychee,Mango,strawberry)

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Assort (Lychee,Mango,strawberry)

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Assort (Lychee,Mango,strawberry)

Relish a sweet journey with this blissful selection of fruit-flavored gummies. Bursting with the tang of lychee, succulence of mango, and the refreshing blast of strawberry, these bite-sized treats satisfy your cravings for something chewy and sweet. Ideal for a candied twist in Asian dessert concoctions, garnishing fruity cocktails, or enjoying straight from the pack. Revel in a delectable and fun eating experience, appealing to those with a sweet tooth.


#2 Kasugai Fruit Gummy Peach

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Peach

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Peach

For fans of gummy treats, this fruity offering delivers a unique combination of chewy texture and sweet, peachy flavor. These Japanese-made delights excel in the Asian confectionary landscape, making a delightful finish to sushi or ramen. The succulent peach essence is all-natural, boosting the product's healthy appeal by offering a refreshing twist on your typical confectionery. Infused with real fruit juice, this gummy is a tasty way to satisfy your sweet cravings, all in one fun-sized bite. Notably, this is not a frozen item.


#3 Vilac Peach Yogurt Jelly Gummy

Vilac Peach Yogurt Jelly Gummy (min 2)

Vilac Peach Yogurt Jelly Gummy

This item is perfect for those seeking a gummy treat. Vilac's offering boasts a distinct peach yogurt flavor that adds a delightful twist to your typical gummy confectionery. Think of enjoying a refreshing fruit-flavored gelatin dessert common in Asian cuisine but in a bite-sized, portable form. It offers a delectable sweetness that is hard to resist. A bonus is its health benefits as yogurt contains probiotics for a healthier gut. It's the ideal treat for gummy enthusiasts seeking something different.

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#4 Kasugai Fruit Gummy Lychee

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Lychee

Kasugai Fruit Gummy Lychee

This product is ideal for candy lovers craving a unique flavor profile. Kasugai Fruit Gummy offers the unique sweet, slightly tangy flavor of lychee. This product is not typically used in Asian dishes but enjoyed as a standalone snack. It's a must-try for adventurous gummy enthusiasts, delivering a tasty, tropical twist to the traditional gummy candy.


#5 Kasugai Frutia Gummy Muscat (White grape) Flavor

Kasugai Frutia Gummy Muscat (White grape) Flavor

Kasugai Frutia Gummy Muscat (White grape) Flavor

Indulge in the luscious taste of the Muscat flavored gummy, a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess. These gummies offer a unique white grape flavor attributed to the beloved Muscat grape variety. Packed in an easy-open pouch, gratify your sweet tooth on-the-go or savor it as a dessert with Asian meals like Sushi or Ramen, for a pop of fruity freshness. Despite their delicacy, they are low in calories, making them a convenient and healthier option for candy lovers. Perfect for those craving a 'gummy' with a distinct taste.

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