Buy mandoo online

Buy mandoo online

Mandoo, also known as Korean dumplings, are a beloved dish with deep cultural roots in Korea. These delicious dumplings are a staple in Korean cuisine and are enjoyed by people all around the world. Our page is dedicated to celebrating the importance of mandoo and providing you with everything you need to know to make them at home. From traditional recipes to essential equipment and step-by-step cooking instructions, we've got you covered. Explore our collection of mandoo recipes and related products to bring a taste of Korea into your kitchen today.

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Bibigo Beef and Vegetable Dumplings Frozen

Bibigo Beef and Vegetable Dumplings Frozen

Mandoo fans will love this convenient, tasty treat, offering a hearty combination of savory beef and crunchy vegetables. Being frozen, this mandoo is easy to store, prepare, and serve, maximizing your convenience. Suited for a variety of Asian dishes, enjoy in soups, or skillet-fried for a delicious appetizer. Its umami-rich flavor is a delight. Moreover, this dumpling is wholesome with protein-packed beef and nutrient-dense vegetables. Ideal for those seeking a quick, nutritious Asian delicacy. Your go-to for delicious Mandoo!

$9.99 - $12.99
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CJ Foods Duru Duru All Purpose Vegetable and Pork Dumplings, Frozen

CJ Foods Duru Duru All Purpose Vegetable and Pork Dumplings, Frozen

The Duru Duru Frozen Dumplings offer authentic Korean Mandoo filled with flavored pork and vegetables. They are the right choice for a tasty Asian meal like Bibimbap, Guk, and Tteok. Being frozen, they provide convenience, as you can cook them when you want, preserving freshness and nutrients. A healthy pick for protein and veggie dose. Perfect for Mandoo lovers.

$4.99 - $5.49
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CJ Bibigo Vegetable Dumplings Kimchi Flavored, Frozen

CJ Bibigo Vegetable Dumplings Kimchi Flavored, Frozen

"Mandoo" seekers will savor the Bibigo Vegetable Dumplings, which are kimchi flavored for a tangy kick. These Korean-style dumplings can be included in a variety of Asian dishes, imbuing them with a unique, adventurous flavor profile. Frozen for convenience, they offer a hassle-free way to whip up easy, tasty meals or appetizers. They're filled with beneficial, vitamin-packed vegetables, making them a gratifyingly healthy choice.

$9.99 - $12.99
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CJ Beksul Duru Duru All Purpose Vegetable and Pork Dumplings, Frozen

CJ Beksul Duru Duru All Purpose Vegetable and Pork Dumplings, Frozen

"Mandoo" enthusiasts will be delighted by the CJ Beksul Duru Duru dumplings, offering a perfect fusion of vegetables and pork. A staple in Asian cuisine, these can add zest to soups, stir-fries, or simply steamed. Conveniently frozen, they allow for instant cooking without compromise on freshness or taste. It is a healthier choice as they are filled with nutrient-rich vegetables and lean pork. The authentic, savory flavors make these dumplings irresistible for Mandoo lovers.

$7.49 - $10.99
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Surasang Fresh Leek Gyoza Frozen

Surasang Fresh Leek Gyoza Frozen

Mandoo enthusiasts will love the Fresh Leek Gyoza from Surasang, often used in Korean cuisine. These dumplings pack a delightful flavor, filled with leek and savory seasonings. They're frozen, ensuring convenience without compromising taste or nutrition. Additionally, they're long-lasting and easy to prepare in various dishes like soups and stir-fries. These are a healthy option with leeks being nutrient-dense and low calorie. Perfect for tasty, stress-free Asian meals at home.

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Popular recipes

Mandoo Stir Fry

Enjoy a quick and delicious mandoo stir fry that can be whipped up in minutes. The combination of crispy mandoo and flavorful vegetables is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Asian Mandoo Soup

Warm up with a comforting bowl of Asian mandoo soup made with savory broth and dumplings. This hearty dish is perfect for chilly nights.

Mandoo Rice Cooker Casserole

Create a flavorful mandoo casserole using a rice cooker for a fuss-free meal. The tender dumplings and rice blend perfectly together for a satisfying dish.

Instant Pot Mandoo Curry

Whip up a tasty mandoo curry dish in no time using an Instant Pot. The combination of tender dumplings and aromatic curry sauce is sure to impress.

Mandoo and Vegetable Stir Fry

Create a healthy and delicious mandoo and vegetable stir fry in a traditional pan. The combination of crunchy vegetables and savory dumplings is a winning dish.

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Frequently asked questions

What is mandoo?

Mandoo is a Korean dumpling filled with meat and vegetables, similar to a potsticker or gyoza.

What are the common fillings in mandoo?

Common fillings in mandoo include ground pork, beef, tofu, garlic chives, and vegetables.

Is mandoo healthy?

Mandoo can be a healthy option when filled with lean protein and vegetables.

Is mandoo spicy?

Mandoo is not typically spicy, but it can be served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Can mandoo be frozen?

Yes, mandoo can be frozen before or after cooking for later consumption.

Is mandoo vegan?

Mandoo can be made vegan by using tofu or vegetable-based fillings.

Can mandoo be baked?

Mandoo can be baked in the oven for a healthier cooking option.

Where can I buy mandoo?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

How do you pronounce mandoo?

Mandoo is pronounced as 'mahn-doo'.

How do you cook mandoo?

Mandoo can be boiled, steamed, pan-fried, or deep-fried.

Is mandoo gluten-free?

Mandoo wrappers are typically made with wheat flour, so they are not gluten-free.

How many calories are in mandoo?

The calorie content of mandoo can vary depending on the filling and cooking method, but on average, one mandoo dumpling contains around 50-100 calories.

Is mandoo the same as potsticker?

Mandoo is similar to a potsticker, but they may have different fillings and seasonings depending on the culture.

What is the origin of mandoo?

Mandoo is believed to have originated in China and spread to Korea.

What are some common dipping sauces for mandoo?

Common dipping sauces for mandoo include soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and chili paste.