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Buy Milk Tea online

Milk Tea

Immerse yourself in the rich world of milk tea, a delightful beverage enjoyed by millions worldwide. Cherished as a cultural staple in regions like East Asia, this charming brew beautifully blends the robustness of tea with the creamy allure of milk. Not merely a drink, milk tea serves as an emblem of hospitality and friendship in many societies. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the historical significance of milk tea, various authentic recipes, detailed preparation steps, essential brewing equipment, to a range of related beverages and food recipes. Join us in savoring the sublime taste and immense cultural value of milk tea in every sip.

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#1 Kirin Afternoon Tea Milk Tea

Kirin Afternoon Tea Milk Tea

Kirin Afternoon Tea Milk Tea

For tea lovers, the Kirin Afternoon Tea Milk Tea is a refreshing choice, perfect for people looking for traditional milk tea online. This popular beverage from Japan has a creamy, rich flavor that blends perfectly with savory Asian dishes like dim sum or sushi. It offers a taste of authenticity that can easily elevate your food experience. As a ready-to-drink product, it provides convenience without compromising the flavor. Drinking it may support digestion and enhance overall wellness. Keywords: milk tea, Japan, creamy, rich flavor, Asian dishes, ready-to-drink, wellness.

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#2 Sangaria Royal Milk Tea

Sangaria Royal Milk Tea (min 2)

Sangaria Royal Milk Tea

This royal milk tea is perfect for fans of creamy, luscious beverages, offering a taste of luxurious Japanese-style milk tea, right at home. Meltingly smooth, it boasts the perfect balance of robust tea flavor and rich, milky sweetness. Ideal for enjoying with sushi, ramen, or bento, it elevates any Asian dining experience. If your grocery list has 'Milk Tea' on it, this ticks all the right boxes. Its health benefits include antioxidants from the tea, contributing to overall wellness.

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#3 Lipton Roasted Flavor Oolong Milk Tea 15pk 285 g

Lipton Roasted Flavor Oolong Milk Tea 15pk 285 g

Lipton Roasted Flavor Oolong Milk Tea 15pk 285 g

This product offers a luxurious blend of premium oolong tea and creamy milk, radiating a rich, roasted flavor profile. Perfect for lovers of milk tea, it brings an authentic Asian taste; a fine choice to pair with dim sum or stir-fry. Conveniently packed and ready for preparation, it's a time-saving, delightful experience for tea enthusiasts, satisfying the craving for traditional Asian beverages. Being a Lipton product, it promises high-quality ingredients.

$7.49 - $11.49
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#4 Vitasoy Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 250ml*6 1 each

Vitasoy Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 250ml*6 1 each

Vitasoy Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 250ml*6 1 each

The Vitasoy Milk Tea offers an authentic Hong Kong style experience, with the perfect balance of strong brewed tea and creamy milk. Ideal for those seeking a refreshing and indulgent beverage, this milk tea can serve as a unique accompaniment to a variety of Asian dishes like dim sum or rice noodle rolls. As a Vitasoy product, it's a trusted brand known for quality and taste. If you're seeking to explore classic Asian flavours, this milk tea is a great choice. Its health benefits include being a low-fat and low-calorie option.

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#5 Gino Taiwanese Milk Tea

Gino Taiwanese Milk Tea

Gino Taiwanese Milk Tea

Tea enthusiasts would enjoy Gino Taiwanese Milk Tea for its smooth, creamy taste, characteristic of classic Asian milk teas. Perfectly sweet, it's suitable for refreshing drinks, desserts and even savoury dishes like ‘Boba’ pork belly. The undeniable rich flavour and versatility make it an exceptional addition to any grocery order. If its 'frozen' version is selected, it offers the convenience of a ready-to-serve beverage that can save time and effort, while meeting all your taste expectations. Plus, Gino Taiwanese Milk Tea is a healthier choice as it contains less sugar compared to other milk tea options.

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Frequently asked questions

What is milk tea?

Milk tea is a beverage made from tea leaves, milk, and sweeteners. It is popular in many Asian countries and can be served hot or cold.

What types of tea are used in milk tea?

Common types of tea used in milk tea include black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and matcha tea.

Can I make milk tea without adding sweeteners?

Yes, you can make milk tea without adding sweeteners. It will have a more natural and less sweet taste.

Can I make milk tea without tea leaves?

Yes, you can make milk tea using tea bags or instant tea powder if you don't have tea leaves.

Is milk tea the same as bubble tea?

No, milk tea and bubble tea are different. Bubble tea refers to a broader category of beverages that may contain milk tea, tapioca pearls (boba), and other ingredients.

Can I customize the sweetness level of milk tea?

Yes, many milk tea shops allow customers to customize the sweetness level of their drink, usually by choosing from several options such as regular, less sugar, or no sugar.

Can I use herbal tea in milk tea?

Yes, herbal teas can be used to make milk tea for a different flavor profile. Some popular choices include chamomile, lavender, or jasmine.

Can I make milk tea with tea bags?

Yes, you can easily make milk tea using tea bags. Simply steep the tea bags in hot water, remove them, and add milk and sweeteners.

Where can I buy milk tea?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

How is milk tea made?

Milk tea is made by steeping tea leaves in hot water, adding milk and sweeteners, and then chilling or serving it hot.

What kind of milk is used in milk tea?

Various types of milk can be used in milk tea, such as regular cow's milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, almond milk, or soy milk.

Is milk tea caffeinated?

Yes, milk tea is usually caffeinated because it is made from tea leaves. However, there are also decaffeinated versions available.

Is milk tea suitable for people with lactose intolerance?

Milk tea can be enjoyed by people with lactose intolerance by using lactose-free milk or non-dairy milk alternatives.

What are the toppings in milk tea?

Common toppings in milk tea include tapioca pearls (boba), grass jelly, aloe vera, jelly cubes, or fruit bits.

How should milk tea be stored?

After preparing milk tea, it should be refrigerated if not consumed immediately. It is best to consume milk tea within 24 hours.

How can I make milk tea without a stovetop?

You can make milk tea without a stovetop by using an electric kettle to heat water and then steeping the tea leaves. After that, add milk and sweeteners, either cold or heated separately.

Is milk tea suitable for vegans?

Milk tea can be enjoyed by vegans by using non-dairy milk alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk.