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Millet crisp crust, Cumin Flavor

Millet crisp crust, Cumin Flavor

The Cumin Flavored Millet Crisp Crust is unmatched in flavor. It brings a change to traditional Asian cuisine with its unique cumin savor, enhancing stir-fries, salads, or snacks. This crust made from millet is a healthier choice, incorporating high fiber and gluten-free nutrients for a balanced lifestyle. Elevate your meals with this convenient dietary staple.


Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers, Hot and Spicy Flavor 90 g (min 3)

Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers, Hot and Spicy Flavor 90 g

This item is a fit for customers desiring millet crisp due to its main ingredient, millet - a gluten-free grain that's rich in fiber and protein. The hot and spicy flavor gives a thrilling gastronomic adventure. You can incorporate this in numerous Asian dishes like salads and appetizer platters for a crispy texture. Its frozen packaging allows prolonged storage, handy for constant munching. Plus, it's a healthier snack option, providing a guilt-free indulgence.


Haobalaiba Millet Crisp Crust, Spicy Flavor

Haobalaiba Millet Crisp Crust, Spicy Flavor

Delight your taste buds with this spicy rendition of a healthy snack, Haobalaiba Millet Crisp Crust. Infused with a hot, savory kick, it enhances Asian cuisine delicacies like stir-fry or salads. Being made from millet - a nutrient-rich grain, it is a healthy choice packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It's the ideal snack for those craving for a spicy yet nutritious bite.


Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers 90 g (min 3)

Bestore Millet Crisp Crust Rice Crackers 90 g

These rice crackers offer a satisfying crunch with the wholesome goodness of millet. As a versatile Asian staple, its earthy flavor complements sushi, soups, or stir-fries effortlessly. Enjoyed straight from the pack or added to dishes for added texture. They’re a delicious, convenient choice for health-conscious foodies, offering a low-fat and gluten-free snack option. Further, millet is packed with fiber and minerals for a nutrient-rich bite. Ideal for those on a quest for guilt-free, flavorsome snacks.


Millet crisp crust, Spicy Flavor

Millet crisp crust, Spicy Flavor

This spicy Millet crisp crust is a perfect addition to your pantry. Ideal for adding a tasty crunch to Asian recipes like stir-fries or sushi, its spicy flavor will enhance your dishes. It's a nutritious choice, packed with essential nutrients like fiber, proteins, and vitamins. Its frozen form ensures freshness and convenience, reducing cooking time and wastage. It's your ideal ingredient for a healthy, spicy kick in Asian cuisine.

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