Buy mitarashi dango online

Buy mitarashi dango online

Delve into the rich culture of Japanese culinary tradition with Mitarashi Dango - a delightful skewered mochi dessert that carries a significance in festivals and celebrations. This glutinous dumpling, smothered in a sweet and savory soy sauce glaze, walks the perfect wire between tradition and tasteful pleasure. Whether you’re a home cook wanting to try your hand at this delightful snack, or a food enthusiast seeking to understand more about its cultural importance, this page has you covered. We provide comprehensive information including the history, cultural symbolism and significance, traditional recipes for Mitarashi Dango, as well as the list of necessary kitchen equipment, easy-to-follow cooking instructions, and related recipes. Explore the world of Mitarashi Dango and immerse yourself in the culture of Japan, one skewer at a time.

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Shirakiku Dango Sweet Rice Cake

Popular recipes

Mitarashi Dango Stir Fry

This delicious stir fry combines the sweet and savory flavors of mitarashi dango with fresh vegetables and tender beef. It's a quick and easy dish that is perfect for weeknight dinners.

Instant Pot Mitarashi Dango Soup

Warm up with this hearty soup that features tender mitarashi dango in a flavorful broth. The Instant Pot makes it easy to whip up a batch of this comforting dish in no time.

Mitarashi Dango Rice Cooker Casserole

This satisfying casserole combines mitarashi dango with fragrant rice and creamy coconut milk for a comforting meal that the whole family will love. Let your rice cooker do all the work!

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Frequently asked questions

What is mitarashi dango?

Mitarashi dango is a traditional Japanese sweet snack made of skewered rice dumplings coated in a sweet soy sauce glaze.

Is mitarashi dango vegan?

Yes, mitarashi dango is typically vegan as it is made with just rice flour, water, and soy sauce for the glaze.

What does mitarashi dango taste like?

Mitarashi dango has a chewy texture from the rice dumplings and a sweet and savory flavor from the soy sauce glaze.

Can mitarashi dango be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze mitarashi dango in an airtight container for up to a month. Thaw at room temperature before consuming.

How many calories are in mitarashi dango?

One serving of mitarashi dango (3 pieces) has approximately 150 calories.

What are some variations of mitarashi dango?

Some variations of mitarashi dango include adding toppings like sesame seeds or kinako (roasted soybean flour).

Can I make mitarashi dango at home?

Yes, mitarashi dango can be easily made at home with just a few simple ingredients like mochiko (sweet rice flour) and soy sauce.

Where can I buy mitarashi dango?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

How is mitarashi dango made?

Mitarashi dango is made by skewering small mochi rice dumplings and grilling them until slightly crispy. They are then coated in a sweet soy sauce glaze.

Is mitarashi dango gluten-free?

Yes, mitarashi dango is gluten-free as it is made from rice flour.

How should mitarashi dango be stored?

Mitarashi dango should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2-3 days.

Is mitarashi dango served hot or cold?

Mitarashi dango is traditionally served warm, but it can also be enjoyed cold.

Is mitarashi dango a popular food in Japan?

Yes, mitarashi dango is a popular traditional snack in Japan, especially during festivals and celebrations.

How many pieces of mitarashi dango are typically served together?

Mitarashi dango is often served in sets of 3 or 4 pieces on a skewer.

Is mitarashi dango a healthy snack?

Mitarashi dango is relatively low in fat and calories compared to other desserts, making it a healthier option for a sweet treat.

Can mitarashi dango be customized with different flavors?

Yes, you can experiment with different glazes or fillings to create unique variations of mitarashi dango.