Buy nem nuong online

Buy nem nuong online

Experience the authentic flavors of Vietnam with Nem Nuong - a staple of Vietnamese cuisine renowned for its distinctive taste and cultural significance. Nem Nuong is a flavorful grilled pork sausage, popularly enjoyed on its own or as part of other dishes where its unique taste brings new dimensions of flavor. On this page, you’ll discover everything you need to prepare this Vietnamese delicacy at home, from traditional and innovative recipes to the recommended equipment and step-by-step cooking instructions. Additionally, explore related recipes and products to further satiate your delight for Vietnamese cuisine.

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Que Huong Cured Pork for BBQ

Que Huong Cured Pork for BBQ

"Que Huong Cured Pork for BBQ" is perfect for those hunting Nem Nuong- a renowned Vietnamese dish. This top-quality pork is ideal for grilling and showcases a savory, slightly sweet flavor. Incorporate it into your Spring Rolls or Vermicelli Bowls for an authentic Asian gastronomic experience. Buying it cured means longer shelf life, saving you time without compromising taste. Its lean cut provides a healthier, low-fat option. Keywords: Nem Nuong, Vietnamese cuisine, cured pork, BBQ, grilling, savory flavor.

$3.88 - $6.79
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Que Huong Cured Pork for Barbecue Meatballs

Que Huong Cured Pork for Barbecue Meatballs

The Que Huong Cured Pork is perfect for Nem Nuong lovers. Packed with robust flavors, it's ideal for crafting delicious Vietnamese BBQ meatballs, grilling up an Asian-infused feast, or spicing up traditional dishes. Free from artificial preservatives, it's a healthier meat choice. When you buy it frozen, it guarantees freshness upon arrival and the convenience of use at any time. Always have a piece of Southeast Asia's culinary treasures in your kitchen!

$10.99 - $12.99
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Myriad Food-Cured Pork for BBQ with Shrimp Added

Myriad Food-Cured Pork for BBQ with Shrimp Added

This item is ideal for Nem Nuong lovers as it's a key ingredient in this traditional Vietnamese dish. Its fusion of food-cured pork and shrimp adds nuanced flavors, enhancing any recipe. Being pre-prepared and possibly frozen, it offers effortless convenience while also maintaining freshness. It's a healthy option too, containing nutrient-rich shrimp and lean pork. A great addition to Asian cuisine, it promises a savory, authentic experience. Perfect for BBQ nights!

$6.49 - $7.79
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Long Phung BBQ Vietnamese Sausage

Long Phung BBQ Vietnamese Sausage

A perfect match for those craving 'Nem Nuong', this Vietnamese BBQ Sausage by Long Phung offers an authentic taste right at home. Typical to Southeast Asian cuisine, it adds a distinct flavor to popular dishes like spring rolls and noodle salads. It's packed with a blend of sweet, savory, and smoky flavor, offering complex depth to meals. If this sausage is frozen, it offers convenience as it's ready to be cooked anytime preserving freshness and flavor for longer. For health-conscious consumers, it comprises lean meat, making it a protein-rich choice.


Vi Huong Pork Meat Loaf

Vi Huong Pork Meat Loaf

Ideal for fans of Vietnamese cuisine, this succulent pork meat loaf can be a key ingredient for the beloved grilled pork dish, Nem Nuong. Bursting with hearty flavors and seasoned to perfection, it adheres to the traditional recipe offering an authentic taste. Handy for any culinary enthusiast looking to create an Asian-inspired feast. If it's frozen, its design for longevity removes the urgency to consume quickly, making it a perfect long-term pantry staple. This health-conscious option with its lean pork and low-fat content aligns well with dietary resolutions. Perfect for anyone aiming for nem nuong authenticity at home.

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Popular recipes

Grilled Nem Nuong Skewers

These grilled nem nuong skewers are a flavorful and delicious dish that combines the smoky and savory flavors of nem nuong with the freshness of Asian herbs and a tangy dipping sauce. Perfect for a summer barbecue or a quick weeknight meal.

Nem Nuong Fried Rice

Enjoy the delicious flavors of nem nuong in this quick and easy fried rice recipe. The smoky and slightly sweet nem nuong pairs perfectly with the fragrant jasmine rice and a mix of vegetables. A satisfying one-pot meal that is both flavorful and comforting.

Instant Pot Nem Nuong Pho

This Instant Pot nem nuong pho is a comforting and aromatic Vietnamese soup that features tender nem nuong meatballs, rice noodles, and a flavorful broth infused with spices and herbs. The pressure cooker ensures a quick and easy cooking process while still producing rich flavors.

Stir-Fried Nem Nuong with Vegetables

Sautee tender nem nuong with an assortment of fresh vegetables in a hot stir fry pan to create a vibrant and nutritious meal. The combination of crisp vegetables and flavorful nem nuong is a delightful harmony of textures and tastes.

Nem Nuong Rice Cooker Claypot Rice

Cook up a hearty and satisfying nem nuong claypot rice in your rice cooker. The claypot creates a crispy layer of rice at the bottom while the nem nuong infuses the rice with its savory flavors. A simple and delicious meal that is perfect for weeknight dinners.

Nem Nuong near me

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Frequently asked questions

What is nem nuong?

Nem nuong is a Vietnamese cooking ingredient which consists of grilled pork sausage.

What are the common seasonings used in nem nuong?

The common seasonings used in nem nuong include garlic, sugar, fish sauce, soy sauce, black pepper, and sometimes lemongrass for added flavor.

How do I cook nem nuong?

Nem nuong is typically cooked by grilling or broiling the patties until they are cooked through and slightly charred.

Can I freeze nem nuong?

Yes, you can freeze nem nuong either before or after cooking, just make sure to wrap it properly to prevent freezer burn.

How long does nem nuong last in the refrigerator?

If properly stored in an airtight container, nem nuong can last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

Is nem nuong spicy?

Nem nuong itself is not typically spicy, but you can add chili sauce or spicy dipping sauces to add heat if desired.

Can I make nem nuong vegetarian?

Yes, you can make a vegetarian version of nem nuong by using tofu or tempeh as a substitute for the ground pork and adjusting the seasonings accordingly.

Can I use nem nuong in stir-fries?

Yes, nem nuong can be sliced and used in stir-fries for added flavor and protein.

Where can I buy?

You can buy it at Weee! Asian Market,

How is nem nuong made?

Nem nuong is made by combining ground pork with various seasonings and then shaping it into sausage-like patties before grilling them.

Can I substitute ground pork with another meat?

Yes, while traditional nem nuong is made with ground pork, you can substitute it with ground chicken, beef, or even tofu for a different variation.

What are some popular dishes that use nem nuong?

Nem nuong is commonly used in Vietnamese dishes like nem nuong cuon (spring rolls), bun cha nem nuong (noodles with grilled pork sausage), and banh mi nem nuong (baguette sandwich with grilled pork sausage).

Can I buy pre-made nem nuong?

Yes, pre-made nem nuong is available at many Asian markets and grocery stores.

Can I make nem nuong without a grill?

Yes, if you don't have a grill, you can also cook nem nuong in a pan or bake it in the oven until it's cooked through.

What is the texture of nem nuong?

Nem nuong has a firm and slightly bouncy texture when cooked.

Is nem nuong gluten-free?

Nem nuong can be gluten-free if gluten-free soy sauce is used in the recipe.

What is the origin of nem nuong?

Nem nuong is a traditional Vietnamese dish that originated in the central region of Vietnam.