Buy snow pea online

Buy snow pea online

Snow peas are a widely known and loved vegetable that's not only tasty but also packed with nutrients. Known for their bright green color and crunchy texture, snow peas hold a significant place in many cuisines, particularly Asian. Bursting with health benefits, they are an easy addition to any meal, whether it's stir-fries, salads, or as a side dish. This page will delve into the many facets of snow peas, from understanding their nutritional value and health benefits to exploring a multitude of mouth-watering recipes. We also guide you on the necessary instruments required to whip up these dishes in your kitchen. Furthermore, we'll introduce you to a range of related products and recipes to elevate your culinary game.

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Popular recipes

Snow Pea Stir Fry

This stir fry recipe features tender snow peas, vibrant vegetables, and flavorful Asian sauces. It's a quick and easy dish that brings out the natural sweetness of the snow peas.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a snow pea?

Snow pea is a type of edible pod pea that is flat and has small, tender peas inside.

Are snow peas healthy?

Yes, snow peas are nutritious. They are low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, and a good source of fiber.

How should I store snow peas?

Store snow peas in a perforated plastic bag or container in the refrigerator. They should stay fresh for up to a week.

How can I cook snow peas?

Snow peas can be stir-fried, steamed, blanched, or added to soups and stews. Cook them briefly so they retain their crispness.

Can I freeze snow peas?

Yes, snow peas can be frozen. Blanch them in boiling water for a minute, then transfer to an ice bath before freezing in airtight containers.

Can I substitute snow peas for sugar snap peas in recipes?

Yes, you can substitute snow peas for sugar snap peas in most recipes. Just be aware that the texture and flavor may be slightly different.

What nutrients are found in snow peas?

Snow peas are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, and potassium.

Do snow peas need to be cooked before eating?

Snow peas can be eaten raw, but cooking them for a short time enhances their flavor and texture.

How do snow peas taste?

Snow peas have a mild and slightly sweet flavor, with a crisp and crunchy texture.

How do I select fresh snow peas?

Look for snow peas that are bright green and smooth. Choose pods that are firm and without any blemishes or discoloration.

Can I eat snow pea pods raw?

Yes, snow pea pods can be eaten raw. They are often added to salads or used as a snack with dips.

Do I need to remove the strings from snow peas?

Snow pea pods do not have tough strings like snap peas. Most snow peas sold in stores are stringless and do not require string removal.

Are snow peas and sugar snap peas the same?

No, snow peas and sugar snap peas are different. Snow peas have flat pods and small peas inside, while sugar snap peas have thicker pods and fully developed peas.

Are snow peas used in any specific cuisines?

Snow peas are commonly used in Asian cuisines, particularly Chinese stir-fry dishes.

Can I grow snow peas in my garden?

Yes, snow peas can be grown in a garden. They can tolerate cool climates and are often planted in early spring or fall.

Where can I buy snow peas?

You can buy snow peas at Weee! Asian Market ( and various grocery stores.