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#1 Tomomasu White Peach Soda

Tomomasu White Peach Soda

Tomomasu White Peach Soda

The Tomomasu White Peach Soda offers a unique, refreshing beverage option. Its zesty white peach flavor, a staple in Asian desserts, adds a distinct twist to carbonated drinks. This soda serves as a sweet accompaniment to sushi or stir-fried meals while doubling as a delightful standalone beverage. Opting for a single, ready-to-serve container also removes the hassle of making homemade concoctions. For thirsty consumers seeking Soda online, it's a tasty choice.


#2 Hey Song Sarsaparilla Soda 355 ml

Hey Song Sarsaparilla Soda 355 ml

Hey Song Sarsaparilla Soda 355 ml

A refreshing option for soda lovers, "Hey Song Sarsaparilla Soda" offers an intriguing taste similar to root beer and black licorice. This authentic Taiwanese drink might be a wonderful addition to fusion-themed meals or simply enjoyed on its own. Quench your thirst and enjoy the unique flavor twist. Ideal for those exploring distinctively flavored fizzy drinks.

$5.19 - $6.29
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#3 SFC Sparkling Soda Mango Flavor

SFC Sparkling Soda Mango Flavor (min 3)

SFC Sparkling Soda Mango Flavor

This mango-flavored sparkling soda is a fizzy, refreshing beverage. Perfect for consumers looking for an invigorating soda with an exotic twist. It pairs well with spicy Asian dishes, the sweetness of mango balancing the heat. It doesn't contain 'frozen' in the title. The effervescence adds a lively touch to any meal. Enjoy a unique, tropical soda experience.


#4 [TOMOMASU] Mango Soda 300ml

[TOMOMASU] Mango Soda 300ml (min 2)

[TOMOMASU] Mango Soda 300ml

TOMOMASU Mango Soda adds a tropical twist to fizzy refreshments, transporting your taste buds to an Asian paradise. The vibrant mango flavor pairs perfectly with spicy Asian cuisine, cutting the heat and adding an invigorating freshness. Handy 300ml size ensures just the right amount of satisfaction. Not frozen, so it's ready to drink immediately. Indulge in this fizzy delight that offers a unique sensory experience unmatched by traditional sodas.

$1.99 - $2.49
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#5 SFC Watermelon Soda

SFC Watermelon Soda (min 3)

SFC Watermelon Soda

Perfect for Soda enthusiasts, SFC Watermelon Soda is a crisp, juicy twist on a carbonated classic. Its unique watermelon flavor adds a refreshing touch to your drink list. As a versatile beverage, it can complement many Asian dishes, such as spicy Korean BBQ, by balancing the heat with its cool flavor. It's also user-friendly for those who prefer frozen options, offering convenience and long-lasting freshness. Even better, it's a healthier choice than many traditional sodas, with less sugars and more natural ingredients. Enjoy the fizzy delight of watermelon soda, a healthier, tastier, Asian cuisine-inspired choice.

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