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[Korea Direct ]Jeongsuok Deep Flavor Domestic Sweet Pumpkin Soybean Paste 1 Bot 1000 g



Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:1000 g
Wheat (Gluten),Soy.




1,000 g per bottle *1 bottle = 1,000 g


Expiration date: 12 months from the date of manufacture


Storage and handling methods
Avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a dry and cool place
Make sure to refrigerate after opening.


Product Features
It contains about 5.84% of sweet pumpkin, so it has excellent umami as well as nutrients.
The longer you leave it, the deeper it gets and the more you can taste it.
You can set up a healthy meal by adding sweet pumpkin soybean paste to various dishes such as soup, stew, and stir-fry.


precautions :
*The longer you wait, the darker the color may become, but it's a phenomenon caused by aging, so you can eat it with confidence.
*Black-looking particles are part of the soybeans used in the raw material, so you can eat them with confidence.


Raw material name
fermented soybean paste (42% improved meju, refined salt, refined water/made in China), sweet pumpkin 5.84% (domestic), 
soybeans (US, Russia, Canada, etc./foreign),Flour (US, Australian), wheat, refined salt, purified water (China), 
sodium L-glutamate (flavor enhancer), potassium sorbate (synthetic preservative)

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