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[Save $67 at check out] Buydeem All-in-One 5 Quart Food Steamer with 2-tier Rack and Stew Pots 1 count


Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:1 countBrand:Buydeem


Versatile Usage, Maximize Freshness

Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Food Steamer (5Qt) with 2 Stew Pots(2 * 1.5Qt) G563-A501

Color: Cozy Greenish /Silver

Model: G563-A501

Material: Thickened tempered glass, Food-grade 304 stainless steel, baby-safe grade PP material, BPA-FREE, Medical grade 316L stainless steel

Capacity : 5 Quart

Power: 1500W

Size: 13.18'' x 11.22'' x 11.61''

Weight: 9.47LBS

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  • ALL-in-ONE : This Food Steam Cooker and Stew Pot Can Cook Soup, Cake, Seafood, Pastry, Fish, Chicken, Yogurt and Bird’s Nest Soup. Just Spice It Up!
  • Warm Function Varies in Different Menu: Automatically Keep Warm under “Slow Cook” Function; Manually Adjusting 6 Hours to Keep Warm under “Steam” Function. The yogurt option does not have a preset function.
  • Health and Safety Factors: Thickened tempered glass, Food-grade 304 stainless steel, baby-safe grade PP material, BPA-FREE √Medical grade 316L stainless steel, Low water level alarm suspended work.
  • Usability Factors: Combination stew pots can meet with different tastes, Crimping lid prevents water and steam from spilling, Tempered glass prevents water droplets from falling vertically, Drain Tray is designed to receive residue, soup and grease. Water level is visible,
































The Buydeem All-In-One Intelligent Steamer brings new meaning to cooking wholesome, well-crafted food. Developed to help cut the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, this Steamer supports your hectic, always-running-around life. Simply add the food you wish to cook into the chamber, select your settings, and go. When you return the steamer will produce the flavor-filled, crave-worthy meals you and your family love. Not to mention the sleek styling of this machine makes it a countertop worthy appliance. Show off your chic taste and even better cooking skills.

      • Developed to assist you in crafting nutritious food, the front digital screen clearly displays cooking times.
      • This machine comes with two strew pots and a bracket holder.
      • A very powerful 1500 W Steamer that retains more nutrients and vitamins in the food, it has a 2L water capacity for cooking full meals.





One-touch cooking functionality paired with 1-minute maximum steaming power is a lifesaver for anyone who is strapped for a time yet desires healthy food.




Buydeem uses 316 and 304 food-grade stainless steel materials in this Steamer. Known for
durability and corrosion resistance in heat, this machine is built to last use after use.


Featuring a unique drip tray. This addition prevents food from flowing back into the machine
which enhances the cleanliness of the steamer and the food.


Your peace of mind and the longevity of Buydeem products is always a priority. To help prevent
damage, this Steamer includes a dry boil warning for when water levels are low as well as an
automatic off for when there is no water left.




What is the Buydeem warranty policy?

We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Buydeem items.

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What does the warranty cover?

The Buydeem Limited Warranty covers manufacturer defects.


At Buydeem we take great care to manufacture products with excellence and attention to detail. Unfortunately, we can not foresee everything, for that reason this warranty covers issues that result outside of typical use.


What is excluded from the warranty?

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Any use outside of operating instructions is not covered. We do not cover damage resulting from commercial use, improper assembly, failure to provide maintenance, flood, fire, disassembly, dropping, etc. On top of that, any modifications, repairs, or added parts unauthorized by Buydeem void the warranty. We hold the right to review and deny Limited Warranty requests based on evidence of any user-caused issues.


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