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1 serving / Stewed Japanese Ramen Noodle Ippudo Ramen Akamaru Pork Flavor 1 each



Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 each
Wheat (Gluten),Soy,Sesame.


Product Name: Ippudo Ramen Akamaru (1 serving)

Contents:  Noodles 100g, soup 50g, soup stock 22g, spicy miso 7g, flavored oil 5g

Shelf life: 60 days at room temperature
Storage /Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

*This product is a recreation of the restaurant's taste under the supervision of the owner.
*The image is for illustrative purposes only and does not include any garnish.


Noodles: wheat flour (made in Japan), fermented seasoning, wheat protein, starch syrup, dried egg whites (including egg), salt

Soup: Pork bone broth (pork bone broth (pork bone, onion, garlic), sugar, gelatin, protein hydrolysate) (manufactured in Japan), pork powder, processed pork fat (pork fat, salt), pork bone broth (pork bone, chicken bone, onion, carrot, garlic), gelatin, yeast extract) (containing chicken), salt, tri-glutamate Soy sauce: Soy sauce (soy sauce)

Moto Dashi: Soy sauce (including soybeans and wheat) (made in Japan), salt, fermented seasoning, mirin, kelp tea, grated garlic, rice miso, yeast extract, grated ginger, scallop extract.

Spicy miso: Protein hydrolysate (including soybeans and gelatin) (manufactured in Japan), sugar (sugar, isomerized liquid sugar, syrup), chili pepper, mirin, soy sauce (including wheat), fermentation seasoning, soy bean sauce, yaku-nenjang, grated garlic, grated ginger, kombucha, pepper, yeast extract

Flavored oil: Edible blended oil (including soybeans) (manufactured in Japan), garlic, onion, edible refined processed oils and fats

Seasoning (amino acid, etc.), sodium lactate, processed starch (flour), brine, sake spirit, thickener (guar, processed starch, xanthan), color (caramel, carotenoids), acidifier antioxidant (V.E.), sweetener (stevia)

About Ramen: 

Based on Shiromaru, this "innovative" ramen pursues richness and depth. By adding homemade spiced oil and spicy miso, you can enjoy the depth and harmony of several flavors in a single bowl of ramen.

Now it can be easily prepared in a single pot.

The replacement of chili peppers makes for a more flavorful and cohesive bowl of ramen. Ippudo has recreated the texture of noodles that Ippudo seeks, and the richness of the base soup stock and soy sauce have been enhanced to create a more authentic taste.

How to cook: 

1 Bring 400cc of water to the boil in a pot.

2 Drop the noodles in the boiling water and unravel. After cooking for 15-20 seconds, turn off the heat. Pour the Soup and Broth Concentrate and stir well.

3 Transfer the noodles and the soup from the pot into a serving bowl. Top with Spicy Miso and Flavored Oil, and garnish with herbs or other seasonings as desired before serving. 

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