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Aara - Just Keep Eating

Aara Whole Black Pepper 200 g

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Seasoning Salt & Pepper Cooking Seasoning Dry Seasoning Dipping Sauces Soup Base Hot Sauce Soy Sauce Cooking Oil Vinegar Sugar
Made In:IndiaUnit Qty:200 gBrand:Aara - Just Keep Eating


Black pepper is one of the strongest spices that adds four stars in India’s rich food culture. For that extra kick of strong, rich flavor in your dishes, Black pepper is your magic ingredient. Just a modicum of it, and the culinary magic is done! Also loaded with medicinal properties, it is ideal for treating several minor ailments. For a strong cup of tea that is capable of refreshing you instantly, add a little bit of black pepper in it. Get your hands on Aara Whole Black Pepper now!

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