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BENTO BOWL Edamame Green


Made In:Japan


Thanks for purchasing from TAKENAKA BENTO. Your purchase has re-used 3 recycled PET bottles further supporting the commitment to sustainability, one TAKENAKA item at a time.

Offering an advanced airtight solution, this Japanese-style bento bowl is ideal for single-serving salad, rice bowl and maybe Ramen! Equipped with locking mechanisms and enforced with a silicone ring, this stylish bento bowl will safely hold thick gravy and messier foods in an easy on-the-go bowl.

Size: 6.89"D x 3.98"H
Capacity: 33.81 fl oz

Body: 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
Lid: ABS

BPA and Lead-Free
Microwave (Body only) and Dishwasher Safe.
Airtight Sealing with 4 lockable options and a silicon ring. 
The lid is airtight but not leakproof. The liquid may leak. 

Made in Japan

*To wash your bento box in the dishwasher:
Check the placement of your dishwasher’s heat air vent:
Before loading the bento box into the dishwasher, ensure you are familiar with the location of the dishwasher’s heat air vent.

Position the bento box away from the air vent:
To prevent any bending or warping of the bento box, make sure to place your bento away from the heat air vent. Heat exposure during the drying process could potentially affect the shape of the bento box.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the safe and effective use of your dishwasher with the bento box, keeping it in pristine condition for many delightful meals to come.

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