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Canned Taro 3 count 600 g

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Made In:TaiwanUnit Qty:600 gBrand:JiaXian

Canned Taro 3 count Description

Jiaxian's taro has a unique growth environment, and the taro grown is heavy in powder, so it tastes very Q and very cotton, which can be called LV grade

But did you know?

Jiaxian potato is a crop that depends on the sky for food

In addition to the weather, we need to add wild pigs to help select

The leftover potatoes are so precious that even Immortal Jia may not be able to buy them~

But don't worry~

Now Jia Xian Nong will leave this season's yam for everyone

Honey made Jiaxian Q taro, making it more convenient for you to eat

Whether it is summer ice products or winter sweet soups, you can taste a strong sense of happiness!
Jiaxian Q Taro (200g/can)*3 cans


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