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Champagne Mango 6pc

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Champagne Mango 6pc 1 box
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Made In:MexicoUnit Qty:1 box

Storage conditions: Always ripen at room temperature, and not in the fridge.

Sorry to burst your bubble. These 6 mangoes don't come with champagne, but you do get super sweetness. The Champagne Mango--also known as the Ataulfo Mango or Honey Mango--was born from the random cross pollination of mango trees in Mexico. With little fiber and a narrow pit, this tropical fruit royalty is like soft butter. Try them for yourself between February and July. Wait for that deep golden yellow color for max sweetness and versatility. Meaning, get handsy and grill, salsa, and snack it up. Or just sip on some Mango-rita. Go all out and pop the champagne--but stay for these mangoes.