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Chicken Shaped Layer Cakes Bean Paste And Black Tea Paste 6 Pieces 1 box


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 box
Milk,Eggs,Wheat (Gluten),Soy.


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The products sold by TOKYO STORE are all purchased in Japan and sent directly from Tokyo to customers to meet the needs of high-end customers who pursue 100% pure quality assurance sold in Japan.
Every piece of your beloved product will be carefully packaged and sent from Tokyo as soon as possible. The average time for DHL international express from Tokyo to the United States (in your hands) is about 5 days, and you can tracking the parcel number within 24-48 hours after we shipped the package.
It is not easy for the goods to travel long distances. Please try to arrange to sign in person with the DHL delivery personnel to avoid the possibility of losing the package caused by direct drop off without a signature. Occasionally, the transportation time delay or product inspection caused by the random inspection by the US customs The loss will be borne by our merchant, but the customer needs to provide evidence of customs random inspection. If there is a situation where customs duties need to be paid after the random inspection, the risk must be borne by the buyer.
This product is a fresh food within 20days from the date of delivery (best taste period). But the appreciation period of Japanese snacks is different from the shelf life. The expiration of the appreciation period does not mean that the food is expired. If you mind, please decide carefully.




香ばしい皮は九州産小麦粉で、独自の風味に仕上げます。 やさしい甘さの黄味餡は、身の詰まった隠元豆を厳選して使用。
素材と対話し、細部まで心を配ることで、本物の美味しさが生まれます。 ひよ子発祥の地、福岡県の飯塚よりお届けいたします。


お饅頭は焼くと下の部分が少し膨らみます。職人が「ダレる」と呼ぶ焼き菓子の特性です。「名菓ひよ子」のふっくらとしたやさしい姿は、この特性を生かしつつ、均一に焼き上げるために考え抜かれたかたちなのです。 二代目店主・茂は、このかたちを思いつくまでに、あくことなく試作品をつくり続けたそうです。




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