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Chinese Pure Sugarcane brown sugar cubes, Handmade Menstrual straight light dark 17.63 oz

Handmade Yunnan Menstrual straight light dark brown Sugars for Tea and Coffee


Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:17.63 ozBrand:BAILINHOU


Original imported. Authentic Sugarcane brown sugar cubes from Yunnan, China, 

1. Authentic Flavor: Our brown sugar cubes are made from pure sugarcane juice using traditional craftsmanship, retaining the original taste and nutrients of sugarcane. The sugar has not been highly refined, surpassing others in its pure and natural taste.

2. Health Benefits: Enriched with the essence of sugarcane, our brown sugar cubes emit a rich aroma of sugarcane, with sweetness that is not overly greasy and clear soup after brewing. Particularly suitable for women during menstruation, it has the benefits of nourishing the body and beautifying the skin.

3. Quality Assurance: Produced by Bai Lin Hou, an enterprise from Sichuan, China, specializing in Sichuan hot pot seasoning base, chili powders, and seasonings. We are committed to using pure and authentic imported Sichuan cuisine seasonings and spices, aiming to satisfy your culinary preferences.

4. Tradition and Craftsmanship: Our brown sugar cubes uphold traditional craftsmanship, carefully crafted with expertise from Sichuan, ensuring each cube exudes a rich flavor of traditional craftsmanship and authentic characteristics.

5. Exquisite Packaging: Our brown sugar cubes are meticulously packaged, each emitting a sweet aroma, making them an excellent choice for savoring authentic Sichuan sugar products. Enjoy the natural aroma of sugarcane and experience the authentic traditional culinary culture of Sichuan.



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