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Chongga Sliced Cabbage Kimchi

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Chongga Sliced Cabbage Kimchi 400 g
Imported from Korea
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Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:400 g

Korea's leading food maker, Daesang FNF manufactures and exports various packed kimchi under its own ¡°Chongga¡± brand, which is made with fresh and safe raw materials. Only high-quality raw materials are selected and processed in a clean environment that conforms to HACCP while all of its products are kept fresh through cold chain system from ordering to delivery.

Chongga uses the exclusively fermentation recipe, which is designed to allow Leuconostoc species to actively move to create the fresh taste of Chongga kimchi. The Leuconostoc species (DRC0211) prevents the taste of kimchi from souring by controlling Lactobacillus plantarum breeding, leading to well-ripening taste of kimchi.

Chongga also uses high-quality sea salt made by the heat of the sun from Shinan, Korea¡¯s most famous producing region of the natural salt. The cut cabbages are soaked in the natural sea salt at low temperature, producing less salty kimchi.

A wide variety of kinds of kimchi are being produced by Chongga. Particularly, the most popular ones are Mat kimchi (pre-sliced kimchi), Poggi kimchi (kimchi using whole cabbage leaves), Chong-gak kimchi (A type of Kimchi made of pony-tail radishes), Kak-doo-ki (Cubed Radish) and Baek kimchi (kimchi without red pepper powder) plus many others.
Notably, Mat kimchi is made using Korean cabbage, radish, hot pepper powder, garlic, onions, salted shrimp and anchovy, featuring deep and fresh flavor. It is presliced to be readily eaten and easy to carry. 

Particularly, Chongga has launched Mat kimchi which matchs the tastes of foreign customers by making the kimchi less hot and less salty and lessening the kimchi¡¯s unique aroma. The Mat kimchi's packing unit comes in 400g PET.