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Evergreen Food

Evengreen Seasoned Sea Bass Slices, Frozen 250 g

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Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:250 gBrand:Evergreen Food

Evengreen Seasoned Sea Bass Slices, Frozen Description

Sliced from live fish and frozen instantly, fresh, juicy and tasty, with no fishy smell.
No starching, no cutting or salting before cooking.
It can be used for cooking pickled fish, hot pot, stir-fried and so on.

Ingredients: sea bass, water, salt, vegetable oil, starch, sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, malic acid, sodium phosphate, potassium polymetaphosphate, sodium erythorbate, sugar, flavor

Storage conditions: cryopreservation

Evengreen Seasoned Sea Bass Slices, Frozen


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