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GeumHeuk Korean Panx Black Ginseng Candy (300g X 2 Bags (600g)) 600 g

Premium Ginseng Candy for All ages


Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:600 g


Company Introduction 
With a history and tradition spanning 1,500 years, the world's ginseng mecca, Geumsan, preserves the exceptional nobility of Geumsan Black Ginseng, cultivated safely in a clean natural environment with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification. Geumsan Black Ginseng Co., Ltd. builds a safe agricultural product management system, utilizing GAP-certified ginseng to manufacture high-quality black ginseng (original ginseng) and black ginseng products, while actively promoting GAP farm support programs to enhance the income of local farmers.

Discover the Unique Properties of Black Ginseng: Our black ginseng is processed through a specialized preparation method designed to enhance its characteristics.
Authentic Korean Process: Created using the traditional 'goojeunggoopo' technique, our black ginseng undergoes nine cycles of steaming and drying to enhance its properties.
Grown in Ideal Conditions: Sourced from GeumSan, renowned for its optimal climate and soil for ginseng cultivation, you can be assured of its quality.
Designed for Palatability: We've carefully balanced the natural bitterness of ginseng with a hint of sweetness, offering a smooth and enjoyable taste experience.

Korean Black Ginseng Extract, Starch Syrup, Red Ginseng Flavor, Caramel Color, Angelicae concentrate, L-Menthol


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