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Haenam Dried Sweet Potato 60 g

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Made In:South KoreaUnit Qty:60 g



The only ingredient that makes up this snack is organic Korean sweet potatoes. Chewy and naturally, it is produced in a HACCP-certified plant. Haenam sweet potatoes are dried in alternating hot and cold temperatures that mimic the naturally drying process. Made from 100% organic Korean sweet potatoes grown in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, there's no added color, sugar or preservatives. The perfectly delicious, nutritious, and portable snack.

*Note: The white "frost" on the slivers is not mold; they occur naturally due to the natural sugars of the sweet potatoes, as the sugars sometimes crystallize. It is completely safe (and rather delicious) to eat!


Brand Story

Haenam Sweet Potato Foods is the first brand to produce Haenam's sweet potatoes by drying them.  Using state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified facilities to ensure the highest standards and best quality products, Haenam Sweet Potato Foods leverages a special technique that alternates between hot and cold temperatures to replicate a natural drying process. Haenam, Jeollanam-do, located at the southwest tip of Korea, has excellent climatic conditions for growing sweet potatoes due to abundant sunlight and cool sea breezes. We focus on healthy, delicious dried Korean sweet potatoes without any additives.



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