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Haldiram's Choley Ready to Eat 10.6 oz

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Made In:IndiaUnit Qty:10.6 ozBrand:Haldiram's
Milk.May contain traces of Milk,Tree Nuts,Peanuts,Wheat (Gluten).


Product Highlights:

Indulge in the rich and flavorful taste of Haldiram's Choley Ready to Eat, a classic North Indian dish that will transport you to the streets of Delhi.
Made with tender chickpeas cooked in a savory tomato-based gravy, this ready-to-eat meal is a perfect balance of spices and authentic flavors.
Convenience meets authenticity with Haldiram's Choley Ready to Eat, allowing you to enjoy a traditional Indian meal in just minutes.
Each bite is a burst of deliciousness, with the perfect blend of tanginess, earthy spices, and hearty chickpeas.
Versatile dish that can be enjoyed with fluffy basmati rice, warm roti, or crispy bhatura for a complete and satisfying meal.
Haldiram's Choley Ready to Eat offers the perfect solution for busy individuals who crave the taste of homemade Indian cuisine.

Product Description:

Do you miss the mouthwatering aroma of spicy chickpeas simmering in a rich tomato gravy, reminiscent of the bustling streets of Delhi? Haldiram's Choley Ready to Eat brings you the authentic taste of this beloved North Indian delicacy in the comfort of your own home. Tender chickpeas cooked to perfection in a savory blend of aromatic spices and tangy tomatoes, our ready-to-eat Choley is a culinary delight that will satisfy your cravings. With the convenience of a quick meal, simply heat the pouch, open it, and savor the flavorful chickpeas that are ready to be devoured. Enjoy it with fluffy basmati rice for a wholesome meal, or pair it with warm roti or crispy bhatura for a truly indulgent experience. Haldiram's Choley Ready to Eat is your passport to the authentic flavors of India, crafted with love and expertise. Treat yourself to a taste of nostalgia and delight your senses with this classic Indian dish.

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