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Happy Snail

Haohuanluo River Snails Rice Noodles, Original Flavor 300 g

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Made In:Mainland ChinaUnit Qty:300 gBrand:Happy Snail


Liuzhou stone snails are nutritious and delicious and come with high-quality sour bamboo shoots, yucca, and other ingredients simmered slowly until all of the spicy and sour goodness soaks in the snails. Enjoy them with the smooth rice noodles for a flavorful experience like no other. Quick and easy to make, you'll have this delicious bowl of noodles ready to eat in ten minutes!

Ingredients list:

Dry sub-package, snail soup package, sour beans, sour bamboo shoots, chili oil, peanut bean curd, sour vinegar.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.



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