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Hiyoko Manju Chicken Shaped Layer Cakes Salty Bean Paste 6 Pieces/ 1 box


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 box


To all dear buyers
Thank you very much for visiting our store!This product has a taste period of about 10 days.We will buy the freshest product after you place anorder and send it to you in the shortest possible time!All products in this store are purchased in Japanandshippeddirectly tocustomers fromTokyo!International express (UPS or DHL) takes about3-5 days on average from Tokyo to the United States.After we deliver the goods, an email will notify you ofthe tracking number of the package, and you can trackand query the route of the package in real time.Due to customs spot checks, weather and otheruncertain factors, your package may be delayed, pleasewait patiently! When placing an order, please confirmyour address and phone number again and again,andpay attention to the logistics information in time.usually after arriving at the destination If no one signsfor it, it will be kept for a certain period of time andthen returned to Japan! If you have any questions,please feel free to contact our customer service staff! Iwish you a happy shopping! Thank you!!

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