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Honenyaki Senbei (Rice Cracker) - Negi (Spring Onion) And Miso 66 g

Handmade Japanese rice crackers made from Uruchi rice 豊年焼 煎餅 (ねぎみそ)


Made In:JapanUnit Qty:66 g


Prefecture: Saitama 
Producer: Kitayama Seika
Ingredients: Uruchi rice (domestic), soy sauce, sugar, starch, kelp extract, shiitake mushroom extract, seaweed, dried bonito powder, yeast extract, salt (includes soy and wheat)
Size: 25g (1 cracker)


Senbei are the most common type of cracker found in Japan. Typically made from rice, they’re recognized by their big, round circular shape, and come in a wide variety of flavors from sweet to salty and spicy to umami. 


Kitayama Seika makes its senbei with a special type of thick yet very soft, domestic rice known as uruchi rice. The rice is polished the day before being made into dough to preserve its original sweet taste and then dried for 12 hours, which is nearly four times longer than normal rice crackers. The dough is then double-baked, resulting in its crispy texture. The shape of each cracker is unique as skilled craftsmen make them one by one by hand. 


This negi (spring onion) and miso senbei is a harmony of domestic spring onions and rich miso and is baked with a special stock of kelp, shiitake mushrooms and bonito.


Suggested use: Enjoy as is. 

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