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Ichiran Ramen Hakata-Style Thin Noodles 5pk 1 each

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Instant Instant Noodles Prepared Food
Made In:JapanUnit Qty:1 eachBrand:Ichiran
Wheat (Gluten).

Ichiran Ramen Hakata-Style Thin Noodles 5pk Description

Restaurant quality ramen in your own home. The world-leading tonkotsu ramen producer Ichiran has developed a thin noodle that perfectly suits this pork bone ramen. The box includes five servings of dry noodles, sauce packets, and special spicy red seasoning, which is Ichiran’s own finely-adjusted blend. The noodles are smooth with just the right amount of firmness, the soup base is extremely fresh, and the secret red pepper powder is the perfect addition to tie it all together with a punch of flavor. Add your own meat, eggs, and other desired ingredients for a perfect dinner date at home.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Flavored Oil, Pork Extract, Water, Soy Sauce, Protein Hydrolysate Salt, Amino Acid, Sugar, Pork Paste, Vegetable Protein, Fermented Seasoning, Seasoning Paste, Spices, Cooking Wine, Processed Starch, Red Pepper, Lye Water, Black Pepper, Oxidized Starch, Caramel Color, Nucleic Acid, Vitamin E


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